THE NORTH FACE’s 9 recommended body bags!


THE NORTH FACE's 9 recommended body bags!

THE NORTH FACE” is an outdoor brand from the U.S. that has been gaining strong popularity among people all over the world. The brand is famous for its highly functional down wears and shell outerwear, but its bags are also full of masterpieces. This time, we will focus on body bags, which are well-known as holiday bags, from The North Face’s bag collection, and carefully select popular models such as the “Sweep” and “Granule,” which boast standard popularity!

Unraveling the History of THE NORTH FACE

THE NORTH FACE” was founded in 1966 as a small outdoor store by mountaineer Douglas Tompkins in North Beach, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Two years later, in 1968, the brand was established as a manufacturer of outdoor goods. The brand was established two years later in 1968 as a manufacturer of outdoor goods. Although it was a small brand at the time of its establishment, it rose to fame with the explosive success of its high-quality sleeping bags that accompanied the outdoor boom. Since then, the company has continued to stimulate the outdoor industry by creating the original down jacket “Sierra Parka,” the world’s first dome tent “Oval Intention Tent,” and the world’s first frame pack “Back Magic,” and has been constantly introducing high quality products to the world.

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Incidentally, the brand logo was created with the motif of the Yosemite National Park Half Dome for nature conservation purposes, and the three lines represent the world’s three major continents in Switzerland and France. The brand name “The North Face” is said to be derived from “North Face,” which represents a tough route in the mountains, and represents the brand’s spirit of “facing up to difficult adventures without fear.

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The North Face’s environmentally friendly manufacturing, which has continued since the company’s founding, is another reason for the company’s popularity.

The word “sustainable” has become common knowledge due to the growing environmental awareness. The North Face has been focusing on environmental protection activities since long before the word became popular. Since its founding, the company’s founder, Douglas Tompkins, has been exploring ways to interact with the environment, the earth, and nature, and has been doing what he can to help the environment. Today, the company participates in two programs: ” GREEN IS GOOD,” which protects the earth while having fun, and ” Conservation Alliance Japan,” which supports organizations working to protect the environment by providing financial assistance for their activities. The company’s spirit of not only enjoying the outdoors, but also focusing on the nature that provides such places and protecting the environment, is one of the reasons why it has received high praise from around the world.

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What are the features of The North Face body bags?

(1) Convenience and simple design that can be used in any situation

The NORTH FACE offers a wide range of bags in various silhouettes, but the “body bag” is the most convenient, regardless of the occasion. The perfect size fits snugly to the body, and its ease of use, not only for outdoor activities but also for town use and travel, is one of its most appealing features. It is also a great choice for any outfit, thanks to its relatively simple and sophisticated design. It is also an excellent item that looks great as a point of reference in a coordinated outfit.

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(2) Not only stylish! It is also a good point that it has great storage capacity!

All of the body bags are large enough to hold not only essentials such as a wallet and cell phone, but also a bottle of water, making them ideal as a main bag for those who want to keep things as minimal as possible. They can also be used as sub-bags for outdoor activities and travel, so one is sure to come in handy. Many designs are equipped with a variety of utility pockets to prevent things from cluttering up the bag. Each item varies in capacity and shape, so you can find the body bag that best suits your needs.

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