Elevate Your Style with Leather Sacoche: Discover the Best Brands for Men’s Fashion!


Elevate Your Style with Leather Sacoche: Discover the Best Brands for Men's Fashion!

The “Succoshes” are a staple of mini bags. This time, we will focus on leather-made “sacochets” that can be worn with a beautiful outfit, and introduce a selection of recommended brands!

Leather “sacoche” that exudes a sport-inspired yet elegant mood

Sacoche” is a French word meaning a bag or sack. Originally, it was used as a bag for carrying drinks and rations in cycling competitions such as road biking. In addition to being lightweight so as not to interfere with competition, they are characterized by being easy to carry in and out with one hand while riding a bicycle. With the recent trend toward minimalist carrying and the outdoor boom, it emerged as a trendy item around 2018 and has now become established as a mini bag for daily use. From casual items made of nylon or cotton, many leather items that fit in with elegant styling have recently appeared.

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Introducing leather succoshes from our recommended brands!

Recommended brand of leather sakosh for men (1) “PORTER

Delight” is made of bovine steer, which is soft and fine-grained. After the leather is shrunk by chemicals, it is struck with a rotating drum to express an uneven texture. Three buttons with Porter’s circle logo are arranged in a design that is different from other leather sacoches. Nylon line tape is used for the straps, adding to the lightness of its appearance and casual look. Despite its thin gusset, the leather satchel can securely hold personal effects and will become a mainstay in your wardrobe.

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Recommended brand of leather satchel for men (2) “Cisei

Cisei” is a brand created by a Japanese designer living in Florence, Italy, that combines high quality materials with a stylish design full of elegance. The unique two-chamber structure is a pleasant feature, and the contents are larger than they appear. The leather strap can be adjusted to any desired length and can also be used as a handbag by lightly tying it. This simple, yet elegant sacoche with a sense of attention to detail is sure to lift your spirits just by wearing it.

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Leather Succoshes Men’s Recommended Brand (3) “GANZO

The “Sacketto Leather Succoshes” are made of Hida-gyu leather, which is highly regarded as a high-class material, and overflowing with a sense of luxury. The tannin-tanned thick leather is struck in the air to give it a natural graininess. This item is inspired by a paper bag, and is finished in a single piece of leather to create a light paper bag-like finish. This leather sacoche, which can be carried casually while still feeling the weight of the leather, is an excellent item for adult men who want to enjoy a sophisticated look.

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Leather Succoshes Men’s recommended brand 4 “tk.TAKEO KIKUCHI

From “tk.TAKEO KIKUCHI,” a trend-setting casual jeans brand, comes a convenient 2-way leather satchel. If the shoulder strap is removed, it can be used as a clutch bag for a wide range of occasions. The matte genuine leather with little luster creates a beautiful atmosphere, while the thick strap adds a casual touch. The wide zipper pocket on the inside makes it a practical and easy-to-use item.

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