Focus on men’s coordination of white shirts! What are the tips and recommended items for adults to wear without making mistakes?


Focus on men's coordination of white shirts! What are the tips and recommended items for adults to wear without making mistakes?

The white shirt is one of the standard items that give a sense of cleanliness to men’s outfits. However, it is dangerous to wear a white shirt without thinking. It is an expansive color that blurs the silhouette and is also used for student uniforms and business wear, so if you wear it wrong, you may end up looking dowdy at once. In this issue, we will introduce tips on how to dress and recommended items while introducing men’s coordination for adults to refer to on the theme of such “white shirts!

White shirts are indispensable for popular men’s coordination for adults! It’s a basic item that makes a difference in the way you wear it!

White shirts are not only useful in suit styles and jackets, but are also perfect for casual outfits when used alone. It is easy to match with items of any color, and its clean look is the reason why it is popular with everyone. A “passing train. The white shirt is filled to the brim and passes by. As this poem shows, white is the color most favored by Japanese businessmen because there are no mistakes. Because white shirts are worn by everyone, it is important to differentiate yourself from others by arranging your outfits and adding details to your items.

Point 1: “The correct way to wear a white shirt is to know your own size in terms of neck circumference and sleeve length!

Naturally, it is important to choose the correct size of white shirt to make a good impression. Of particular importance are the ” neck circumference ” and the ” length from the base of the neck to the end of the sleeve ” (Yuki length). It is said that it is ideal to choose a white shirt that has 2 cm added to the actual size of the sleeves. Basically, if you know these two ideal measurements, you will greatly reduce the risk of making a mistake in choosing a white shirt.

Point 2: “Choose a shirt that is not too long when wearing a white shirt tucked out.

When tucking in a white shirt, it is necessary to have a silhouette with movement and a reasonable length that can easily create tamari at the waist, but when wearing it tucked out, it is a good idea to choose a shirt that is not too long. Whether worn with wide-leg bottoms such as wide pants or baggy denim, or with slim tapered slacks or slim-fit bottoms, the short length is by far the easiest to tuck out and create a smart impression.

Point 3: “Pay attention to the collar, which is the face of the shirt! Choose an open collar for a resort look.

The look of a shirt differs greatly depending on the collar design. By focusing on the collar type, you can achieve a white shirt coordinate that stands out from the others. For example, if you want to create a resort atmosphere with a white shirt, an open collar is a good choice. It creates a relaxed atmosphere with a sense of openness in the chest area. This collar type is also recommended for adult men who have trouble wearing shirts with no necktie.

White shirt dressing point (4): “If you want to be in season, go for a regular collar! Short-sleeved shirts are also a good choice for casual street wear and other casual coordinates.

If you want a trendy white shirt coordinate, choose a regular collar without hesitation! If you are aiming for a casual coordinate with street or mode nuances, choose an oversized or drop-shoulder short-sleeved type. Layered with a standard white T-shirt or a white tuck top, this will surely add a subtle seasonal element to your coordinate.

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