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Tips on how to make black coordinates look stylish and notable men’s items


Tips on how to make black coordinates look stylish and notable men's items

Black coordinates create an urban impression and elevate an outfit with cool charm. In this issue, we focus on the “black coordinate” and introduce styling tips, notable international men’s coordinates, and recommended items from popular brands!

The key to the modern black coordinate is to dress in a way that doesn't look too formal

Today, black coordination has become a staple of modish styling, but beware of the “kimeki-ness” that comes from a single tone of black, as it can look tacky at times. Therefore, it is important to dress in a way that does not give the impression of being formal, and do not forget that the key to “coolness” lies in a good sense of looseness, looseness, and a touch of “hazing.

Black is one of Japan’s most popular styles!

In the early 1980s, the rise of designer brands such as Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto, which were acclaimed for their ”impact of black” at the Paris Collections, brought the ”black-clad crowds” into the spotlight. This was followed by the global fashion trend of mode fashion, in which black was used as a front color. Perhaps because of this historical background, Japanese fashion overseas has a strong image of dressing in black.

Editor Tachibana
Japanese people have black hair and eyes, so a black-based coordinate blends well with their hair and eyes. Black is also a color that adds positive effects to one’s appearance, such as making one look taller and slimmer, so there is no harm in actively adopting this color.

Here are some techniques to refer to when putting together a black coordinate, picking up some notable snaps!

Key points of black coordination (1)Update with iconic trend elements!

One of the charms of black coordination is that it is easy to boldly incorporate iconic elements that are currently attracting attention, such as oversized clothing, thick-soled shoes, and creative layered items, into your styling without feeling uncomfortable. We encourage you to try out items that you would normally shy away from. In particular, if you add edgy items from trend-leading brands such asBalenciaga,Maison Margiela, and Rick Owens to your coordination, you will instantly accelerate the sense of mode and create a styling that is full of today’s sensibilities.

Key points of black coordination (2)The current mood is to dress in an effortless way that suppresses a sense of glamour

These days, the mood of black coordination is to dress in an effortless way that suppresses a good sense of glamour. The silhouette is not a tight fit that emphasizes the lines of the body, but rather a loose oversized, wide, or baggy silhouette. In particular, full-length, wide-leg bottoms with tamaris at the hems to create a silhouette with movement are the usual technique. Even if you only partially incorporate the above-mentioned elements, it is possible to achieve a highly sensitive black coordinate.

Key points of black coordination (3)Combining different textures to break up the monotony and express an expressive coordination

If the stoicism that is the signature of black coordination backfires, it will give a monotonous and flat impression. Therefore, it is important to combine items of different material textures to create a more expressive coordination. Differentiate yourself from others by combining items with different textures within the same black color, such as shiny or not, faded or not, and textures of fabrics, to create a three-dimensional coordination.

Find the ideal men's coordination from our editorial snapshots

OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “black items” that we recommend to our readers, based on information obtained from interviews at hot brand exhibitions and leading select stores, and from fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering black jackets (1)TAGLIATORE's MONTECARLO

The classic Italian brand “TAGLIATORE” pursues the chic and glamorous style of the refined man. This is a single jacket with two buttons of “MONTECARLO”, the signature model of the Ancon jacket that eliminated the interlining of the shoulder to the utmost limit. It is characterized by high lapels at the gauze position (the connection between the upper and lower collars), and the appearance of a royal road with balcka pockets that draw a gentle line along the chest and dignified side vents, etc. The precise sewing that has been calculated to the utmost, such as shoulder lines that have been slightly shifted backwards, achieves both individuality and comfort.

Find TAGLIATORE black jackets.

Recommended models of brands that offer black coats (2)A.P.C.'s LOU Trench Coat

Black trench coat in a weak water repellent cotton/wool blend. The light loose cut of this long, below-the-knee coat is very current.

Find A.P.C. black coats.

Recommended models of brands offering black tops (3)Y-3's GFX FT HOODIE

Y-3’s Graphics French terry hoodie with abstract floral graphic on the chest and sleeves. This sweatshirt hoodie is made of cotton French terry and has a relaxed design with kangaroo pockets for a coordinated look.

Find Y-3 black tops.

Recommended models of brands offering black pants (4)PT TORINO's Tapered Trousers

PT Torino’s “DIECI” is a no-tuck slacks with a strong tapered, slim silhouette. The slightly shallow crotch, clean waist with no tucks, narrow crotch, and tapered hem all reflect the essence of the modern style.

Find PT TORINO black pants.

Recommended models of brands offering black jeans (5)BALENCIAGA's DENIM SIZE STICKER BAGGY Pants

Denim Size Sticker Baggy made of black soft left-hand denim Pants. This is the edgy, mode-inspired baggy denim that will update your styling in a flash.

Find Balenciaga black jeans.

Recommended models of brands offering black polo shirts (6)LACOSTE's L.12.12

Lacoste’s “L.12.12” was created in 1933 and is the original model of all polo shirts. The unchanged style, which inherits the design and functionality of those days, has a sense of presence that will never fade away. The L.12.12 polo shirt, knitted using only a single high-grade yarn, has a luxurious luster and durability, and is truly a polo shirt that gives form to the brand’s DNA.

Find LACOSTE black polo shirts.

Recommended models of brands offering black cardigans (7) PLAY COMME des GARÇONS' RED HEART MEN'S CARDIGAN

Play with one cute red heart badge on the left chest Wool cardigan by Comme des Garçons. It is a comfortable item made of the high quality wool that only Garson can offer, and it is also a great way to curb the Kimono and stoicism of black coordinates.


Find the PLAY COMME des GARÇONS black cardigan.

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