Suspenders (Braceys) give men’s coordination a sophisticated look! [ Increased attention due to the return to the classics ].


Suspenders (Braceys) give men's coordination a sophisticated look! [ Increased attention due to the return to the classics ].

Pleated pants and wide lapels are gaining popularity, and one of the biggest trends in fashion in recent years is the “return to the classics. Suspenders (braces) are an item that is attracting increasing attention in line with this trend. Although suspenders are not yet well known in Japan, they can be used in a wide range of styles, from formal attire to jeans, and should be stocked in your wardrobe. In this issue, we focus on ” suspenders ” and introduce you to some of the hottest outfits and items!

Suspenders (Braceys)” are gaining attention due to the return of the classic.

Suspenders are called ” suspenders ” in American English, and some people in Japan call them ” suspension bands “. In British English, suspenders are called “braces,” and it should be noted that “suspenders” in the UK may refer to garters or arm bands. It refers to a pair of belts, usually made of elastic or artificial or natural leather, that are placed over the shoulders and secured by a button or clip at the end of the belt, an O- or D-shaped ring, or a braid, from which the trousers are suspended.

From a historical perspective, men’s trousers are considered formal wear when they are suspended by suspenders rather than belts. In addition to formal wear, buttons for suspenders were also attached to work clothes and jeans in the past. Also, since suspenders do not constrict the abdomen as much as belts, they are said to be less burdensome for obese people with large waists. Originally used as a stand-alone component, suspenders were later attached to pants and skirts from the beginning. For example, suspender pants, suspender skirts, and overalls also came into wide use, and they became popular not only for men but also for women’s clothing. These days, regardless of their practicality alone, a variety of designs are used in many fashion-oriented outfits.

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How to match suspenders with formal wear?

For formal wear, it is considered preferable to wear a business suit or tuxedo, plain black for mourning, a director’s suit for celebratory occasions, a black and white striped pattern for a morning coat, and plain white for a swallow-tail coat. For example, a formal black tuxedo style, such as the one worn by Daniel Craig below, should be worn with plain black suspenders. In some cases, white or black and white stripes may be used for lower-ranked formal wear, and the combination should be based on TPO. Suspenders generally have black or brown bands and silver, gold, or black metal fittings. Many people wear them to match the color of their shirts and ties.

The shape of suspenders has changed with the passage of time

There are two types of belts: clip (metal fittings) type and button-holster type. The back was H-shaped in the 18th century, X-shaped at the end of the 18th century, and Y-shaped in the middle of the 19th century. There are also some eccentric shoulder holsters.


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