What is “Ash Black”, a popular hair color for men? Introducing hair style examples & hair setting techniques.


What is "Ash Black", a popular hair color for men? Introducing hair style examples & hair setting techniques.

At first glance, it looks like black hair, but a closer look reveals that ash black hair has a translucent and sophisticated look. In this issue, we will introduce the characteristics, examples of hairstyles, and hair-setting techniques based on the theme of “ash black.

What color is ash black?

Ash black is a hair color with a base color of ash, which means “dull” or “gray,” and a subdued tone of 5 to 8. Ash is a cold color with bluish tints and is characterized by its dullness, depth, and transparency. By using ash as a base color and making it closer to black hair, a light and sophisticated impression can be obtained. This hair color is recommended for those who are not looking for a flashy look, or for those who are looking for a subtle makeover.

What are the benefits of ash black?

The appeal of ash black hair is that it is transparent and light, while maintaining the hard, clean look that is the charm of black hair. It is also a perfect match for a haircut that has been haphazardly styled, as it stands out with a more three-dimensional look than normal black hair. Although bleaching the hair before applying the color will bring out transparency and depth, the ease with which the hair can be finished without bleaching is another reason for its growing popularity. The low tone of this hair color allows it to fade at a relatively slow pace, and the effect of the ash color on the reddish tones allows it to fade beautifully.

The color doesn’t settle as easily as black dyes, so it’s easier to get a clean dye job the next time you color your hair!

Once dyed black, the black pigment is deeply deposited. Bleaching in this state will not remove the color beautifully and may result in uneven coloring. On the other hand, ash black is not as deeply pigmented as black dyeing, so it can be easily dyed beautifully the next time you color your hair. It is ideal for those who frequently color their hair or want to enjoy a subdued color for a short period of time.

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