What is Wave Perm, Rising in Popularity among Men? Hairstyle Examples & Hair-setting Tips


What is Wave Perm, Rising in Popularity among Men? Hairstyle Examples & Hair-setting Tips

Among a wide variety of perms, wavy perms are becoming increasingly popular. In this issue, we will introduce the wavy perm, its characteristics, the necessary length of hair, how long the perm lasts, and examples of hairstyles.

What is Wave Perm?

Wave perm is a perm that creates a wavy swell toward the ends of the hair. It is also called “wavy hair” or “wavy perm” because the hair looks wavy. In a normal perm, one rod is used per bunch of hair to create swirling curls, but in a wavy perm, about three rods are used per bunch of hair to create wavy waves. In other words, it is a special perm treatment. In addition to easily creating a three-dimensional look and bunchiness, the volume of the hair as a whole can be easily adjusted. In addition, it is attractive that the hair can be quickly set by applying styling products.

Finding a Wave Perm

Wave perm can be done beautifully if the hair length is at least 7~10cm.

Wave perm can be applied to hair as long as it is 5 cm in length. However, if you want a beautiful finish, you will need a length of 7~10cm. If you want a loose finish, you will need to use a slightly thicker rod, so you will need more than 10 cm in length. If you want a loose wavy perm but not enough length, you can use a hair iron or a thin iron without a perm, and repeatedly curl the hair inward and outward to create it.

How long does a wavy perm last after one treatment?

Depending on the hair type, the approximate length of time a wavy perm will last is 1~2 months. It is said to last from one to one and a half months for a loose style, and from one and a half to two months for a strong style. On the other hand, it has the advantage of allowing you to try different hairstyles right away, so it is suitable for those who want to enjoy wavy hair for a short period of time, change hairstyles frequently, or are bored with their hairstyles.

Finding a Wave Perm

What kind of hair styles do wavy perms work best with?

Wave perm is well-balanced when combined with a hairstyle that has length and volume at the top and a tight fit at the neckline. This is because the overlapping waves create a three-dimensional effect that is accentuated by the length and volume of the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to combine it with mash hair that incorporates a two-block or a tapeless style, or with a center part.

Finding a wavy perm

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