See-through mash” is the evolution of mash hair. Pick up examples of the latest hairstyles!


See-through mash" is the evolution of mash hair. Pick up examples of the latest hairstyles!

The conventional mash style is to create a mysterious atmosphere with heavy bangs, but mash hair with see-through bangs is slowly gaining attention, especially among young people. The lightness and freshness of the see-through look is the perfect way to create an enigmatic atmosphere. In this issue, we focus on the ” see-through mash ” and introduce examples of hairstyles and styling techniques.

What is see-through mash?

See-through mash is a mash style with bangs that are light enough to show through the forehead. See-through bangs have been popular as a women’s hairstyle for a long time, but its popularity spread to men as well when a Korean boy group member wore see-through mash. Such see-through mash is characterized by a lighter finish than traditional mash styles and is perfect for creating a gentle and friendly atmosphere.

10 see-through moushes! Includes styling products and setting tips.

Here is a mash style that incorporates a see-through bang. We have picked up a wide range of styles, including permed hairstyles with movement and natural hairstyles with straight hair flow, so please refer to them.

See-through mash recommended men’s hair 1: “Wavy curls and a see-through bang to bring it all together in an ennui.”

This urban mash style is full of playful curls, and the see-through bangs add a touch of design. The sides and collar are trimmed to give a masculine and clean look that is very mature. The combination of black hair with a natural texture and freshness is also a key point. The irregular direction of the hair ends and the ease with which the sides and bangs can be moved also have the perfect effect of correcting the bone structure. For those who want to enjoy a perm style with a difference, give this a try.

▶︎Styling tips

First dry hair roughly with a scrunching and rubbing hand; when about 80% dry, blend in styling products to create the right silhouette. Recommended styling products are gel waxes that have a wet texture and high maneuverability. The trick is to keep the hair shiny and not too loose.

Recommended styling products for this hair style ▶ ” MEUVLE (Muvelle) Jelly Wax G6

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See-through mash Recommended men’s hair 2: “Short mash style with a bunchy look that reinforces the active impression.

The edgy texture of fine bunches and the compact roundness of short mash create just the right balance in this hairstyle. Numerous hair bunches are scattered to create airy volume, which is combined with a see-through bang to accentuate the freshness of the hair. Bundled hair tends to give a flashy impression, but this hairstyle stands out for its lightness, so it is sure to be a good choice for any occasion. How about an up-bang when you want to separate on and off-duty?

▶︎Styling tips

Carefully dry the hair to set it with the hair flow. It is important to make the hair stand up firmly while flowing it in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth. Use a hard type of hair wax as a styling agent. Rub it in from the roots to create a silhouette while taking thin strands of hair. If styling is not your style, a perm is recommended.

Recommended styling products for this hair style ▶︎”DEUXER Hard Smooth Wax 5S

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See-through mash Recommended men’s hair 3: “The black two-block mash that combines elegance and masculinity.

The base is a two-block mash style with the sides and neckline cut up to the gut. The masculinity created by shortening the two-block moustache and the softness of the curls make for an impressive hairstyle. The feature of this mash is that the length of black hair, which tends to give a heavy look, is lightened with a see-through bang and a perm. If you are looking for a sporty, youthful mash style rather than a mash style with a strong sense of ennui, this is the one for you.

▶︎Styling tips

Wet texture is recommended to accentuate the masculine look. The silhouette is almost completed by simply drying the hair, and styling products are lightly applied to the ends. Too much wet styling product tends to harden the hair, so use a very small amount for see-through bangs.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”ARIMINO MEN Freeze Keep Grease

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See-through mash Recommended men’s hair 4: “Strong twisted spirals and see-through bangs for a unique and stylish W-punch.”

A trendy perm style in which the hair ends are twisted and spiraled. The hair ends are twisted and spiraled to create a silhouette with a strong sense of presence. The base is a slightly longer short mash with controlled volume, and the perm accentuates the lightness and carefree look. The twisted perm’s rough movement and see-through bangs create a cozy look that is sure to attract the attention of those around you.

▶︎Styling tips

Rub hard wax into the hair while semi-drying, having thoroughly drained with a towel. Rub in hard wax in a semi-dry condition, toweled and left semi-dry, then rub in roughly as if scattering hair. The trick is to achieve a natural finish without trying to shape the silhouette to accentuate the texture.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”LIPPS (Lips) Hard Blast Wax “

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See-through mash recommended men’s hair ⑤ “Adult smart mash with an irresistible freshness.

A crisply cropped two-block style with mash that has been left long and crisply trimmed around the face. The key to the airy look is the combination of a perm on the top and see-through bangs. The brown hair color is also a good choice for this style, as it goes well with other hair colors, and black hair is recommended for a more natural look.

▶︎Styling tips

Dry hair while letting it air dry with a hand as if grabbing it from above to make the most of the perm on top. Recommended styling products are soft waxes with good control. Apply to the entire hair from the roots, and scatter the hair moderately to complete the look. For a change of pace, try a center parting or a seven-triplet hairstyle for the bangs.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”DEMI Wavo Design Cube Light Wax

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