Step Up Your Style Game with Magnanni: The Spanish Shoe Brand Redefining Elegance


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Step Up Your Style Game with Magnanni: The Spanish Shoe Brand Redefining Elegance

What are the three reasons why Magnani is considered one of the leading Spanish shoe brands?

Reasons for Magnani’s reputation: 1) “Magnani’s house specialty, the Opanque method, which combines practicality and design.

Magnani boasts top-level quality in material selection and design, but if you want to talk about the one and only “Magnani style,” look no further than “Opanque. The opanka process, also known as the “opanka process,” is an innovative method of sewing the sole of the outsole over the upper. The opanka process requires a needle with a special shape like a claw to make a hole in the sole and upper before threading, a process that requires the manual labor of an experienced craftsman. This is a design that no other manufacturer can easily imitate.

The other parts of the shoe are sewn together using the Mackay or Bolognese method, and only the outer treads (outside of the toes) are sewn by hand in a rolled-up fashion. Magnani’s Opanque manufacturing method is itself a decoration, and it radiates a unique elegance not found in other brands. The advantages of the Opanque method are not only design, but also practicality, as it improves the sole’s warp and enhances the fit of the shoe to the foot. It holds the arch of the foot firmly in place and provides the wearer with a superb comfort that seems to adhere to the foot.

Reason for Magnani’s reputation (2) “Technology that only a very limited number of brands can handle! The “Bolognese method” that realizes a comfortable, enveloping fit.”

Magnani began using the bolognese process in 2001. It is also known as the “bolognese process,” and is a soling technique that is only used by a very limited number of brands such as A Testoni in Italy, the birthplace of the process. The Bolognese method is similar to the Mackay method, which is the mainstream method for European shoes, but the appeal of the Bolognese method is that it achieves a lighter weight. Nearly 180 steps are required to complete the process, and the most distinctive feature is that the back side itself is sewn together like a bag. While the back half of the foot is suspended with an insole, the forefoot is made without an insole, and the sole is made in the shape of a bag in pursuit of flexibility. Unlike the Goodyear welt method, which is hard to wear at the beginning of the shoe’s life, Magnani himself refers to this method as the “glove method,” and is proud of the comfortable fit and lightness of the shoe from the moment of purchase. The protrusion of the heel is also kept to a minimum, giving the shoes a light and sophisticated look.

Magnani’s Opanque models combine the mechanical Bolognese method using a Mackay sewing machine with the Opanque method of hand-stitching to achieve a unique “glove-like” fitting. The Bolognese method, which is rare even by itself, has further evolved into a unique technology.

Reason #3 for Magnani’s reputation: “The elegant coloring of Magnani, nicknamed the ‘Magician of Color’.”

Another appealing feature of Magnani’s leather shoes, which are rich in design, is the “coloring” of the uppers. The brand’s lineup includes a variety of color variations with unique textures that can only be achieved by hand.

The French brand Berluti’s “Patine” is famous for its hand-painted coloring, but Magnani’s coloring is no less high quality. Unlike the patina method, in which colors are applied over and over to colorless leather, Magnani’s coloring method is mainly hand-finishing, in which colors are applied by hand in the final process. Naturally, the hand-finishing method is cheaper to produce, but the result is so beautiful that it is visually indistinguishable from patina. Magnani has artisans called “color wizards” who add color to produce exquisite shades and gradations of color.

Inexpensive models can be purchased for less than 100,000 yen and offer patina-level elegance. The beautifully colored leather shoes woven by Magnani’s craftsmen are sure to enhance the dignity of those who wear them.

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