MA-1 Special! Selected recommended brands by genre


MA-1 Special! Selected recommended brands by genre

The “MA-1” is a classic military outerwear. While the minimalist design eliminates any waste, the use of tough materials and the short silhouette give this item a martial atmosphere. In this issue, we focus on the “MA-1” and introduce you to a wide range of recommended brands, from the standard to the most twisted!

MA-1 Recommended Brand ① “First of all, check out the standard manufacturer that you can’t go wrong buying!

MA-1 recommended standard brand ” ALPHA INDUSTRIES

Established in the U.S. in 1954, the MA-1 started as a military brand in 1959. The color scheme of sage green on the front and rescue orange on the lining, which has become commonplace nowadays, was established by “Alpha Industries. Nowadays, the brand offers a wide variety of colors other than sage green and has an established reputation for its excellent coloring. The brand’s track record as the world’s largest distributor of MA-1s is also a source of reassurance.

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MA-1 recommended standard brand “AVIREX

Avilex” was established in 1975 as a contractor for the U.S. Air Force. It is also famous that the flight jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the classic movie ” Top Gun ” was provided by Avilex. Most of the MA-1s sold by Avilex have patches attached to them, allowing you to enjoy the rugged and distinctive design of a flight jacket. If you are looking for an authentic MA-1, this is definitely the one to buy.

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MA-1 Recommended standard brand “HOUSTON

A Japanese brand famous for its flight jackets is ” Houston,” which was founded in 1972 and manufactured Japan’s first original flight jackets at a time when military wear was not yet widespread. Houston’s MA-1 is designed in accordance with authentic specifications and faithfully reproduces details down to the last detail. It is also made in Japan, and the solid sewing is a great point.

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MA-1 Recommended standard brand “BUZZ RICKSON’S

Buzz Lixons” is a brand launched in 1993 by Toyo Enterprises, a long-established clothing manufacturer. The brand excels at faithfully reproducing military wear of the past, and is characterized by high-level production that could be mistaken for real vintage. The black MA-1 picked up here is the model worn by the main character in ” Pattern Recognition ” by William Gibson, a best-selling American science fiction author. It is modified to be slimmer than the regular model, giving it an urban mood.

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