Reissued Levi’s 1922 Cone Mills White Oak 501®: The Second Instant Sellout in the 150th Anniversary Collection


Reissued Levi's 1922 Cone Mills White Oak 501®: The Second Instant Sellout in the 150th Anniversary Collection

Levi’s® (Levi’s ®︎) will reissue 1922 501® in dead stock Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim as part of the 150th anniversary celebration of 501® jeans, available exclusively on February 23 (Thu) at Levi’s ®︎ official online store. The 1922 501®, which was recently sold out, will be reissued. Following the All Japan Edition reissue model from 1937, which sold out immediately, this one is also worth checking out.

The precious Levi’s ®︎1922 501®, a faithful reproduction of the original with a handwritten edition number.

Levi’s® Vintage Clothing, a reissue collection that faithfully reproduces valuable archives from Levi’s®’s past, will release a limited edition 501® with a handwritten edition number to celebrate the 150th anniversary of 501® jeans. The 1922 jeans to be released this time will be hand-numbered 501® jeans. The 1922 model to be released this time is a model from the period shortly after World War I, when it became common for men to wear belts with their trousers. The reissued 1922 501® reflects the belt loops, suspender buttons, and waist cinch back that Levi’s® first added to the 501®. It also features a 10-ounce Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim with all the elements of the original, including bare rivets on the back pockets, crotch rivets, and single-arched stitching on the back pockets.

Click here to visit the special website.

Future limited editions of 1901, 1890, and 1873, the year 501® was created, will also be available. If you register as a member of Club Levi’s ®︎, you will receive details of pre-sales, release dates and events on a priority basis.

[ Levi’s ®︎1922 501® ] Details

Release date: Thursday, February 23
*Club Levi’s ®︎ members can start pre-sales on Wednesday, February 22
Price: 81,400 yen (including tax)
Sales Stors: Levi’s ®︎ official online store

Contact: 0120-099-501 (Levi Strauss Japan)

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