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Special feature on men’s spring outfits with leather jackets!


Special feature on men's spring outfits with leather jackets!

This time, we feature spring coordinates wearing ” leather jackets “. We introduce the key points of dressing, men’s coordinates from overseas that you can refer to, and recommended items from popular brands!

Leather jacket” is the first outerwear that can make your spring coordinate look manly and austere.

If you want to add a masculine and rugged atmosphere to your spring coordinate, leather jackets are an indispensable choice. Denim jackets and military jackets are also the top choice of rugged spring outerwear, but leather jackets have a unique presence due to the unique austerity of leather. Leather jackets are relatively warm-weather outerwear, so depending on the temperature, you can wear them smartly by adjusting the inner layer, such as layering a thin knit on chilly days or wearing them over a T-shirt on warmer days.

Dressing Tips ①If you are aiming for a natural and mild impression with a leather jacket, brown suede material is an option

When it comes to leather jackets, black outer leather (smooth leather) is the standard, but for a natural and mild impression If you are aiming for a natural and mild impression, brown suede material such as brown, camel or beige is an option. Many suede jackets are made without lining and have a light texture, which, combined with the color, will give you a light, spring-like look.

Wearing point 2Oversized leather jackets are also in the mood for an effortless look

In the past, the standard way to wear a leather jacket was to go for a tight silhouette, but nowadays, oversized and loose-fitting jackets are the best choice for an effortless look. However, nowadays, oversized and loose-fitting leather jackets with an effortless look are in vogue. The look is considered to be relaxed and not too formal. Pairing bottoms with full-length wide pants, baggy denim, or loose-fitting easy pants that give a mature impression, rather than the black skinny denim that has dominated the double rider scene.

Wearing points (3)Updating the leather jacket coordinate by emphasizing layering

If you want to wear a leather jacket that has a strong presence as the star of a coordinated outfit in a modern way, creative layering is the most effective way to express it. If you want to wear leather jackets, which are the mainstay of your coordination, in a modern way, creative layering is the most effective way. In particular, short-length jackets, such as the classic riders’ and flight jackets, can easily be combined with innerwear of different lengths to emphasize the layered look, and are also effective in balancing the trend toward wide or full-length pants. Of course, if you choose an oversized leather jacket with a longer length, it will surely come in handy to express layering with more various items.

Take a quick look at international street snapshots of leather jackets! Find your ideal men’s coordination!

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Leather Jacket Cordage Men's Snapshot

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Introducing recommended leather jackets!

Recommended Leather Jackets ①

JAMES GROSE’s classic archive style is reproduced in every detail, but modernized with a slim silhouette. Double Rider. It is a classic motorcycle jacket of double type with collar, and the waist buckle is placed on the back side instead of the front.

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Recommended Leather Jacket ②

The 613 is Schott’s classic 618 Riders with star-shaped studs on the epaulettes, one on each shoulder. It is named “One Star” from the fact that the star-shaped studs are attached to both shoulders, and the shoulder width of 613 is about 1cm on each side, the sleeve length is about 2cm, the armhole is about 2cm, and the body width is about 3cm, and it is 613US VINTAGE ONESTAR here that was stylishly evolved to fit the body shape of Japanese people. Riders Jacket. The legendary “ONESTAR” model is said to have been worn by Marlon Brando in the movie “The Wild One,” and since the 1960s it has spread not only to motorcyclists but also to the world of rock fashion, and has been worn by the Ramones and the SEX PISTOLS. In the UK, Sid Vicious of SEX PISTOLS is also known to have worn the model.

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Recommended Leather Jacket (3)Buzz Rickson's 'Flight Jacket type A-2'

This A-2 is a model from a one-time delivery lot of 25,000 pieces manufactured by United Sheep Line of New Jersey in 1942. The leather used for this model is vegetable-tanned horsehide that has been aged, and the pigment in the finish is an attractive shade reminiscent of mellow cognac.

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Recommended Leather Jacket ④

The Maison Margiela 5-Zip Leather Jacket, also known as the “Hano-shaped Riders” from the iconic extra-long zip design on the front Maison Margiela’s iconic leather jacket, also known as the “Hano-shaped Riders” because of the iconic extra-long zip design on the front. The overall body is compact, with slightly longer and thicker arms.

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Recommended Leather Jackets ⑤SAINT LAURENT 'Classic Motorcycle Jacket'

Based on the classic riders’ jacket, this jacket is modernized with luxurious material selections and meticulous details to create an attractive look. This motorcycle jacket by SAINT LAURENT is based on the classic rider’s jacket, but modernized with a selection of luxurious materials and meticulous detailing. It is a gem of a leather jacket with a high degree of perfection that combines a rugged taste, adult dignity, and mode-like elegance.

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Recommended leather jacket ⑥

beautiful people compact kids size riders jacket in a standard design. Riders jacket. It is made of sheepskin leather with a dead-stock look and feel by using vegetable tannin in the ” tanning ” process, and features a cut that covers the tightness and sleeve movement, as well as action sleeves.

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