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Three men’s coordination techniques using cable knits


Three men's coordination techniques using cable knits

Cable knitwear” is a knitted fabric with a unique look that can expand the range of winter coordinates. In this issue, we focus on how to dress with cable knits!

How to use cable knits (1) “Bringing out the power in a dark-toned fall/winter coordinate

Dark-toned items tend to be the main items in fall/winter coordination, and depending on the clothes you choose, they may give a flat impression. Even so, there are many people who are reluctant to use flashy colors for leverage. In such cases, cable knits can be a lifesaver. As the name suggests, cable knits have a cable-like weave that runs throughout the entire garment, and the uneven texture of the knit can add a powerful look to a dark-toned coordinate. If you only wear dark-toned clothes every winter but always feel that something is missing…, why not try cable knits this year?

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS CROWN” cable knit recommended for creating a powerful look

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How to use cable knits (2) “Create a contrast in color and texture with a flashy color

(1) The cable knit texture alone can create a contrast, but choosing a flashy color will naturally double the contrast. In particular, knitwear in warm colors such as orange and red is effective in winter coordinates, where cold colors tend to dominate. As shown in the snapshot, just by combining an orange cable knit with a mainly black outfit, you can create a stylish outfit with a sense of presence.

Recommended orange cable knit ” Zanone Sweater

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How to use cable knits (3) “Effective in creating a wintery mood! Even if your outerwear is light.”

Perhaps due to global warming, even though the calendar says that winter is in full swing, there are still days when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius during the day. On such days, you may choose light outerwear as well. Cable knits are characterized by their knitted fabric, which is thicker than most knitwear, and most of them are basically thick enough to be worn in winter. In other words, since cable knits are wintery items to begin with, it is possible to create a wintery mood even if the outerwear is light.

As you can see, it can be worn alone without an outer layer. The turtleneck enhances the wintery feeling.

Recommended cable knit “MC GEORGE OF SCOTLAND Aran knit

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