Autry sneakers are experiencing a resurgence of popularity around the world!


Autry sneakers are experiencing a resurgence of popularity around the world!

AUTRY sneakers have been attracting a lot of attention, with international stars such as BTS wearing them, and the number of fashion industry people attending PittiWomo wearing them has skyrocketed. In this issue, we will introduce the background behind the popularity of these sneakers as well as some of the best-selling models.

What is the sneaker brand “Autry”?

AUTRY” is a sports shoe brand born in 1982 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. In the 80’s, the brand was recognized worldwide as a brand of competitive shoes for tennis and running. After a hiatus since the 1990s, the brand will relocate to Europe and re-launch in 2019. The brand’s popularity has been ignited by being carried in major department stores and leading select stores in Europe, Italy, the U.K., and France, as well as in North America and Asia. Incidentally, it is one of the rare brands that are officially authorized to put the American flag (the Stars and Stripes) in the brand logo.


The AUTRY MEDALIST LOW has been reemerging as the fashion sneaker of choice for fashion insiders, fashionistas, and popular artists around the world.

Many of the most recent PittiWomo participants are also wearing Autry sneakers. Due to the nature of the PittiWomo event, many of the men wore them with a clean style, mainly dress items, but there were also some who wore them with a street-like style. Popular artists such as Jong-Guk of BTS and Lisa of BLACKPINK have been featured wearing these shoes, and celebrities in the U.S. have been wearing them on their feet when they wear high-brand clothes.

“Autry”: Reasons for the resurgence in popularity include the restructuring of classic models, upgrading of materials, and a shift to a more upscale line through selective sales channels.

Why is the popularity of “Autry” being rekindled with the 2019 relaunch? The key to its success can be said to be its re-launching of a high-end line based on the product design of classic models, such as the iconic “Medalist” model. while retaining the retro feel of 80’s sports shoes, the materials are of high quality & luxury, and the brand has been able to create a new style that is different from other sports brands. The sneakers have been updated with a mature look that differs from other sports brands. The elegant atmosphere that fits the current trend is a nice touch. The unobtrusive design and moderate volume make them easy to match with a wide range of styles, which also boosts their popularity.

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The most important man in the fashion industry, who also served as chairman of Golden Goose, has been instrumental in the company’s success.

In fact, Patrizio Di Marco, who has served as CEO of luxury brands such as Gucci, Celine, and Bottega Veneta, and as chairman of Golden Goose, has been appointed as executive chairman for the relaunch. He has expanded the market to fashion cities around the world with a strategy that leverages the experience and connections he has cultivated while leading numerous brands to success. Combined with the selection and distribution of first-class sales outlets, the company established a luxury image that sets it apart from existing sneaker brands.

Six of Autry’s major sneaker models are presented!

(1) The iconic “Medalist Low” model representing Autry

The “Medalist Low,” the star of the rebranding and an iconic model, is indispensable when talking about Autry. This sneaker has a basketball shoe design, but by reducing the width and instep height, it has a clean, uncluttered form that sets it apart from the bash. The lining is made of a comfortable pile fabric. Most of the people wearing Autry in the snaps we caught at Pittiwomo were wearing this model. The flat laces and sole are in a vintage-inspired hue, perfect for the mood of Ima.

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Incidentally, a mid-cut variation is also available.

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(2) “Dallas Low

The “Dallas Low” is a court model that incorporates the design of classic tennis shoes. The model name “DALLAS” is engraved on the heel. Speaking of court sneakers, the Adidas Stan Smith is an unshakable classic, but the Dallas Low is recommended for those who want a slightly different choice from those around them.

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5) “Bob Lutz”.

This model is named after Bob Lutz, who played doubles with Stan Smith, a famous tennis player in the 1970s. It features a cap toe design in the same color as the sole. The shoe has an illustration of Bob Lutz on the tongue and his signature on the insole.

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4) “Open Low”.

The design source is a tennis shoe from the 1990s. Three different materials, calf leather, suede leather, and breathable nylon mesh, are combined to enhance the design and functionality. The line detail on the heel is unique to this model.

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6) “CLC Low

The most voluminous model in Autry’s current lineup. Like the iconic Medalist model, it is based on a basketball shoe, but this new model has a more street style.

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