What is Vans’ chubby sneaker ” New School “? Explains the difference from the Old School!


What is Vans' chubby sneaker " New School "? Explains the difference from the Old School!

The “KNU SKOOL” is a new interpretation of the classic “OLD SKOOL” of “Vans” and features a 90’s look and chubby, voluminous design. In this issue, we will explain what kind of item KNU SKOOL is and its characteristics while comparing it with the old school that served as its base!

Old School Reimagined

The “New School” is a reinterpretation of the iconic Vans “Old School” model that everyone knows, with 90s skate shoe-like details and a voluminous silhouette, After being released in 2022 as part of the fashion-forward ” Vault by Vans ” collection, the Vans Old Skool was reissued in 2023 with the iconic Vans vulcanized construction, rubber waffle outsole and rubber waffle outsole, the model was released to differentiate it from the original 90s model. While inheriting the old-school design, this model has attracted attention for its bold and different design that matches the recent 90’s revival trend.

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What features does the “New School,” a modern update of Vans’ popular and iconic “Old School” model, have? The five features are explained in detail, comparing it to the Old School!

The greatest feature of the New School is the three-dimensional “side stripes” on the sides. The side stripe, known as the “jazz stripe,” was introduced in the 1970s as a trademark symbolizing the brand, and was first used on the Old Skool in 1977. For the new school, the stripe has been 3D processed to expand its width in a diamond shape, giving it a chunky updated look that further exaggerates the brand’s identity.

Incidentally, the 3D side stripes have been used in the past, including the signature model of Simon Woodstock, the “genius from San Jose, California,” and Beth Burnside, a professional skater and snowboarder. =The signature model of Simon Woodstock, “the wunderkind of San Jose, California,” and the signature model of Cara Beth Burnside, a professional skater and snowboarder, were used. However, these models were not inflated or widened like the new school. Therefore, the “wide and 3D” side stripes of the New Skool are a unique detail that has never been used on any other model.

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Fat 'volume' reminiscent of 90s skater shoes

In the 90s, the sneaker scene was post-bubble burst, and the fashion was changing from the flashy 80s. The style that was more in line with the street was favored. This led to the popularity of hip-hop, skaters, and backwoods culture, and the trend for footwear tended to favor a fat, voluminous look over clean designs. The New Skool has a chunkier form than the Old Skool and is characterized by a voluminous look that evokes the trend of the time.

The shoe’s tongue was switched to a thicker tongue with a Vans logo tag to differentiate it from the Old Skool’s simple tongue. In addition, as can be read from the blueprint in the second image, the look is shifted to a more 90s-inspired look with a thick lining that is comfortable on the foot, made to protrude slightly from the suede upper on the sides. Heel loops are also included for easy wear. Seven eyelets, one less than the Old Skool, are threaded through the wide flat laces, elevating the look to a more street-inspired look.

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Double Foxing Tape

The base Old School and other models have a double layer of foxing tape to prevent wear in the toe area. The base Old Skool and other models have a double layer of foxing tape to prevent abrasion on the toe area. On the other hand, when we look at the New School, we can see that this toe portion of the foxing tape covers the lines placed on the midsole and is thicker and wider enough to reach the upper, extending the protection to the toes compared to other models. This design makes the sole itself appear visually thicker, and the balance with the chunky side stripes and thick shoe tongue is well-tuned. The heel area, where the brand’s slogan heel patch is placed, is also covered with a double layer of foxing tape. By increasing the strength of both the front and back, the sole is prevented from peeling off, which can happen with the vulcanized manufacturing method, and the toe and heel areas, which are easily worn out by skaters’ tricks, are firmly protected to update the look of skate shoes. The innovative design and functionality of these shoes are also unique to New Skool.

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Sole structure

As for the outsole, the rubber waffle sole with high grip that Vans is the 18th The EVA sole is used to absorb shock. By integrally molding the EVA midsole, which plays the role of shock absorption there, we have achieved the ultimate in comfort. In addition, the last uses the last of the athletic shoes wider than the old school, to specifications that do not make you feel cramped. The synergistic effect of the thick shoe tongue and the lining that wraps around the foot also makes for a comfortable fit that is less stressful on the foot.

©Ralph Serna

Check out the Vans “KNU SKOOL.”

The standard New School model uses the same durable suede as the Old School. It is soft to the touch, comfortable on the foot, and gives a more luxurious feel than canvas, which is often used in low-tech sneakers, making it ideal for adult styling. It is also lightweight and breathable, making it versatile enough to be used in any season.

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Vans “New School” available in a wide variety of variations

In addition to a wide variety of colors of the standard suede, the New Skool offers models that combine different materials, colorways, and patterns with checkered patterns. The wide range of variations is also attractive, catering to a wide range of demands, from those looking for a simple model to those looking for a model that will become the star of their outfits.

Check out the Vans ” KNU SKOOL

A campaign featuring Old School and New School is now available!

Vans is currently unveiling a campaign featuring both rappers Bose (Schadaraparr) and BIM (CreativDrugStore). In the campaign visual, Bose wearing new school and BIM wearing old school appear and leave comments that show their respectful relationship with each other.

Click here for the campaign page

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