Nike’s completely new “Air Max Dn” is now available! What is the Air Unit that you will want to wear when you see it?


Nike's completely new "Air Max Dn" is now available! What is the Air Unit that you will want to wear when you see it?

The all-new “Air Max Dn” is here, rewriting over 35 years of Air Max history! What is this pair that “opens the door to the future” by combining “Dynamic Air” technology that overturns the conventional Air concept with a sophisticated design? The release date is Tuesday, March 26, 2024, which is Air Max Day.

NIKE Air Max Dn

The most distinctive feature of the newly announced Air Max Dn is the placement of two independent air units that cover not only the heel but the entire sole. The most distinctive feature of the Air Max Dn is that it is equipped with ” Dynamic Air ” that covers the entire sole of the foot, not just the heel. This is a new mechanism by Nike that achieves fluid air movement with a difference in air pressure between the rear foot part and the forefoot part, with the rear foot part higher and the forefoot part lower, so that bouncy resilience is created with each footstep. This helps the Air Max walk and run comfortably. Once you see this unique Air unit, you’ll want to try them on to see what kind of cushioning you can experience.

Two air units and four tubes for smooth kicking and a smooth gait

The high-pressure air unit in the rear foot absorbs the impact of landing, while the low-pressure air unit in the forefoot supports smooth kicking. The combination of these air units provides unprecedented comfort in walking in all situations. As you move your foot, air flows freely between the four tubes in the air unit, and with each step, the airbag reacts to the pressure from the body’s load. Nike calls this ” dynamic motion. It is a revolutionary mechanism that allows the user to feel a smooth heel-to-toe motion as the airbags react to the foot in real time.

In addition, features that support walking are employed throughout, including a TPU shank arch clip that supports the midfoot arch, a TPU heel counter that supports the Achilles tendon, and injection-molded Phylon foam that surrounds the Air Unit and supports the underfoot. The new Air unit and these features ensure that the footwear remains comfortable even after long periods of wear.

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NIKE Air Max DnThe pursuit of an innovative design that will keep Air Max lovers on their toes is also to be expected.

In developing this work, the production team believed that “the feeling of dynamic air is not enough to be the only feature of the new Air Max The shoe’s appearance is innovative. The look of the shoe had to be innovative and something that Air Max lovers had never seen before. With this in mind, he came up with a bold and innovative design that disrupts the conventional and sparks curiosity. A new textile that expresses a three-dimensional print by layering silicone-like materials is used to create a futuristic upper with beautiful flowing lines. With a design that pursues not only functionality but also fashion, the Air Max takes another step forward in its history.

The colorways are available in “All Night Color” and “All Day Color.”

The “Air Max Dn” comes in two colorways, the All Night Color and the All Day Color. The All Night Color will be available at NIKE.COM and some NIKE retailers, including kids’ sizes, while the All Day Color will be available only in adult sizes at SNKRS and some retailers.

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The collaboration model with Supreme, which sold out immediately, is also a hot topic.

The latest Air Max series, “Air Max Dn,” will be released in Japan on Tuesday, March 26. Ahead of the launch of the inline model, a limited edition model based on this title has already been released. 2/24 saw the release of a collaboration model with Supreme, which of course sold out immediately. The original logo exclusive to this collaboration is subtly placed on the shoe’s tongue and midsole, and the attention to detail makes this pair a head-turner.

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[ NIKE Air Max Dn ] Details

Release Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2024
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