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Court Sneakers [ 12 Recommended Models to Go with Any Coordinate ].


Court Sneakers [ 12 Recommended Models to Go with Any Coordinate ].

Sneakers are a category with numerous fast-changing trend words such as “high-tech,” “duds,” “tech,” etc., so timeless sneakers that are not easily influenced by trends have absolute appeal. Focusing on the court sneaker as a representative example, we carefully select and introduce 12 recommended models!

What are court sneakers?

Court sneakers are a name given to shoes used in sports such as tennis, basketball, and badminton. Although tennis shoes have a strong image, in fact, sneakers for basketball use, such as Converse All Star, are also court sneakers. Most of them adopt a low-tech, simple design and are the opposite of the tech-oriented sneakers that have been trending for the past few years. Many models are called masterpieces, and while sneakers with a strong presence are in vogue, I have the impression that more and more men are changing their mood and wearing simple court sneakers, which is attracting renewed attention. The timeless versatility of these sneakers is appealing, and as shown in the snapshots, they have a wide range of protection from dressy styles to casual styles.

Tennis-inspired court sneakers (1)adidas Originals' Stan Smith

Many people think of the Stan Smith when court sneakers are first mentioned. Stan Smiths are the first sneakers that come to mind when people think of court sneakers. It is no exaggeration to say that the Stan Smith is the king of court sneakers, both in name and reality. It is so famous that it has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling sneaker in the world, and is often called a masterpiece. Timeless and stylish design. Needless to say, they go well with nylon pants and jeans, but they also look great with slacks. Stan Smiths on the feet in a jacket style” is a classic combination that creates a relaxed look.


Tennis-derived court sneakers (2)LACOSTE's CARNABY PRO

Our pick from the tennis-derived brand LACOSTE is the CARNABY PRO. Lacoste is known for its iconic crocodile logo and green brand color. This pair also features the green logo on the side and heel, making it an eye-catching pair despite its simple construction. The holes using the brand’s traditional techniques also show the brand’s commitment. A version embroidered in the tricolor of the French flag, the birthplace of the brand, is also available, which is also attractive.


Tennis-derived court sneakers (3)FRED PERRY's Spencer Leather

The Spencer Leather court sneaker from FRED PERRY, founded by famed England-born player Fred Perry The “Spencer Leather” court sneaker from FRED PERRY, founded by Fred Perry, a famous player from England, is a stylish shoe with a slim form. The slim form of the shoes gives them a stylish look. The traditional laurel logo is embroidered, giving the shoes a three-dimensional and luxurious look. The laurel pattern on the outsole is also a ticklish point. As mentioned above, the width is narrow, so we recommend going up a half size. For those who already own a classic court sneaker, led by the Stan Smith, and are looking for their next pair of sneakers, this will definitely be a strong choice.

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For everyday use as well as business casualDress Shoe Brand Court Sneaker

Ludlow Lace Up Leather Sneaker from Church's

Pick up the “Ludlow” court sneaker from the long-established shoe brand “Church’s,” which was founded in 1873 in Northampton, England. The sneakers are made with the finest calf leather upper and carefully crafted by skilled shoemakers to elevate your smart casual look. The overall design is orthodox, but the silhouette exudes a majestic atmosphere typical of the brand, and the high-frequency print of the Church logo on the shoe tongue adds an accent. A padded heel is used for comfort as well as design. The Church’s crest provides a contrasting design. Although pricey, this is a pair that will elevate your style on and off the court.

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Court sneakers from the dress shoe brand (2)Santoni low-cut sneakers

“Santoni”, the country’s leading brand founded by Andrea Santoni in 1975 in Marche, Italy From “Santoni”, a brand representing Italy founded by Andrea Santoni in Marche, Italy in 1975, we picked up a pair of court sneakers with a simple but sophisticated design and a little gimmick that are typical of the brand. The double buckle motif that symbolizes Santoni is expressed by switching the leather on both sides of the upper, while using high quality leather with a sleek form that can be recognized at a glance. It is a masterpiece that you will want to match with your business style as well as with a beautiful style on your days off.

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Dress Shoe Brand Court Sneaker (3)REGAL's 53FL Court Sneaker

REGAL was born in the United States in 1880 and the brand is currently owned by the Japanese company “REGAL Corporation. We picked up this brand’s vulcanized sneakers, which are made by hand and require a lot of man-hours. The advantages of the vulcanizing method are that the silhouette can be kept beautifully, and the rubber sole is soft, durable, and flexible. A cushioned cup insole is installed, and a sponge is placed around the footwear opening. This pair is perfect for everyday use with a focus on comfort.

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Selected unique faces from authentic manufacturing to surprisingly affordableJapanese Brand Court Sneakers

Domestic Brand Court Sneakers ①MOONSTAR's PLAIN COURT

From “MOONSTAR,” a leading Japanese shoe manufacturer whose predecessor is “Tsuchiya Tabiten” founded in 1873, we pick up court sneakers with a minimalist look. These are vulcanized shoes that can only be produced in a few factories in Japan, and the finish gives a sense of the handiwork of skilled craftsmen and the quality of fine Himeji leather. The sole is supple, soft, and durable, so you can use them comfortably for a long time.

Domestic Brand Court Sneakers (2)STANLEY by YOAK

jacket or The footwear brand “YOAK” develops shoes designed to match jackets and shirts as a whole. It is ” STANLEY” that I picked up from such a brand. The leather upper is characterized by its matte texture, and it is good to get accustomed to one’s foot shape as one wears them. The form is extremely basic, so it can be worn with business slacks or casual jeans without difficulty. The ultimate simple shoe, with all unnecessary parts stripped away. The sole and even the logo are all in one tone, giving the shoes a mature look that blends in well with monotone styles. The lining is made of luxurious pigskin leather up to the toes for a comfortable fit that gently wraps around the entire foot.

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Domestic Brand Court Sneakers ③GU's Real Leather Sneakers

Select real leather sneakers from GU (g.u.). The sneakers are shockingly low-priced at ¥4,990, but are made of cowhide leather and have a two-layer insole for great comfort. The side makkai method of sewing the upper and sole together prevents the sole from peeling off, which is also a plus. These court sneakers have a classic design using genuine leather. The appeal of these sneakers is that they maintain a luxurious look without showing any noticeable signs of wear and tear. The upper material is real leather, so they do not get damp like synthetic leather, and the more you wear them, the more your feet get accustomed to them. The form and specifications are extremely simple and easy to use from on to off duty, and the cushioning made of two different layers of material prevents your feet from getting tired. The low price makes it a good idea to buy more than one pair.

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Hot favourites among fashion-loving men!Court sneakers from the highly sensitive footwear brand

Court sneakers from the highly sensitive footwear brand (1)Onitsuka Tiger LAWNSHIP 3.0

Onitsuka Tiger, the pride of Japan, is known for its fashionable shoes including the Mexico 66. Among these, LAWNSHIP is a series that employs a particularly simple design. The court sneaker retains archival design elements, such as the Onitsuka Tiger logo on the side, and has been reconstructed with a highly flexible sole to create a timeless and sophisticated design. In addition, functionality is also ensured by the adoption of OrthoLite insoles with excellent cushioning properties that are extremely soft, and the heel is equipped with fuzeGEL with shock-absorbing properties. With this model, you will feel right at home even when matched with business style.

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Highly Sensitive Footwear Brand's Court Sneakers (2)COMMON PROJECTS' ORIGINAL ACHILLES LOW

Speaking of dressy court sneakers, New York-based COMMON PROJECTS’ Achilles is a typical pair. The brand’s concept is minimalism, and the design is characterized by the elimination of decoration to the utmost limit, but the gold engraving of the model name, color, and numbers indicating the size is one of the accents. The use of high quality leather and the fact that everything is produced in Italy also tickles the fancy of men. The vertical dimension is large, especially in the toe area, so we recommend going down a half size or one size. The narrow toe also gives them the appearance of Italian dress shoes among the many sneakers available. This is the perfect pair for when you want to tighten up your outfit with your feet.

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Court sneakers from a highly sensitive footwear brand (3)VEJA's ESPLAR LEATHER

French shoe brand Veja has been increasing its presence in Japan over the past few years. The ESPLAR court sneaker is a standard item of the brand. The detail work, such as the logo on the heel and the edgy line on the side, also shines through. The sneakers are made of cowhide leather from a farm in Uruguay, a country renowned for the quality of its leather. The suede material, made from the lower layer of cowhide, is brushed to enhance its flexible and soft texture. The suede is coated with a water-repellent oil that does not contain PFC compounds, making it unaffected by a little rain. Recommended for those who are a little tired of the popular coat-type sneakers and want something that is hard to wear with others.


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