Step Up Your Style Game with Converse’s White All Star: High-Cut vs. Low-Cut Men’s Fashion Coordinates


Step Up Your Style Game with Converse's White All Star: High-Cut vs. Low-Cut Men's Fashion Coordinates

With its simple lace-up design and slim silhouette, the “CONVERSE ALL STAR” is a royal sneaker that matches any outfit. In particular, the white color of the white All Star is a masterpiece that can be worn not only with casual styles, but also as a subtle addition to a more elegant look. In this issue, we focus on the white Converse All Star, and pick up some overseas outfits and items by high-cut and low-cut type for reference!

What is the Converse All Star, the eternal classic sneaker?

The ” Converse Rubber Shoe Company ” was founded in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, USA. This was the predecessor company of the current Converse. Initially, the company manufactured rubber shoes that could be worked on in the rain and snow to cope with the cold Massachusetts winter climate. However, sales were concentrated in the snowy winter months, so the company began developing new products to see if there were any items that could be sold year-round. As a result, the “All Star” basketball shoe was introduced in 1917. The All Star is still loved by people around the world today, more than 100 years after its birth, as a universal fashion item that transcends the boundaries of basketball because of its almost unchanged and complete design from the first to the current model.

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There are two types of Converse “white” All Star!

What color tone do you imagine when you hear the words “white All Star” by Converse? Generally speaking, there are two types of colors that are available from Converse that have the word “white” in the product name. One is the white All Star on the left of the image. The other is the raw color on the right of the image. Although they are clearly different colors when viewed side by side, both are recognized as white All-Stars.

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The charm of Converse’s white All Star is that the color varies slightly from model to model!

Converse’s white All Star is a “classic All Star” that has appeared in a variety of series, but each series has a slightly different color scheme. For example, this is a made in Japan model All Star. The Off-White model is characterized by a subdued yellowish hue, almost beige. The pure white model has a black midsole line. You can see how this detailing can change the impression of the shoe.

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100% pure white All-Stars are also available!

This is a low-cut Chuck Taylor (All Star) from Converse Addict, a high-end line that combines a classic look with high-spec functionality. It is a minimalist pair with an all-white midsole. As you can see, the colors and details of white All Star shoes are completely different depending on the series or line.

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High cut vs. low cut! What are the criteria for choosing a white Converse All Star?

As you know, there are two main types of Converse All Star shoes: high-cut (ALL STAR HI) and low-cut (ALL STAR OX), and there must be many people who are confused about which All Star shoe to choose when considering which one to buy. Here are some criteria to help you make a choice when you are not sure which one to choose!

Converse All Star HI

The original All Star model, created in 1917, was a high-cut version. If you want to stick with the classic All Star, we recommend choosing the high-cut model. Since the laces run up to the ankle, it is more troublesome to take them on and off than the low-cut model. The All Star logo printed on the inside is also a detail unique to the high cut.

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Converse All Star OX

The low-cut version, which has a sleeker form than the high-cut, is a derivative model developed 40 years after the birth of the All Star. The “OX” in the model name stands for Oxford. As mentioned above, the low-cut type is easier to put on and take off than the high-cut type, and its uncluttered design makes it easier to coordinate with other styles. If you are looking for a simpler design, why not choose low-cut?

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