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What are the 3 strategies for a successful wide slacks coordinate?


What are the 3 strategies for a successful wide slacks coordinate?

Thick slacks are indispensable for men’s fashion in 2024, and in addition to creating fashionable silhouettes such as the A-line and H-line, they can easily hide weak points in the body shape, such as a flabby stomach, thick thighs, and O-legs. However, if you make a mistake, the loose silhouette can backfire and cause an overall imbalance, resulting in a bad coordination. In this issue, we introduce the key points that lead to a successful wide slacks coordinate!

Wide slacks strategy technique ①Match with short-length tops for an adult-like loose-fitting and style-enhancing effect

When wearing wide-leg pants, not limited to wide slacks, it is recommended to choose a top that is not too long. Short tops increase the area of the wide slacks as a percentage of the total, which creates a visual leg-lengthening effect and at the same time avoids the drab look that tends to occur when wearing pants with a voluminous feel.

Tucking in a T-shirt or T-shirt and adjusting the length of the garment is a good idea!

As shown in the snap below, it is a good idea to tuck in shirts and T-shirts that are long in length to balance the overall look. When tucking in, you can use a technique called “browsing” to make the fabric sag at the hem, which will give a more sophisticated impression. For more details on how to tuck in, check out the article by a professional stylist.

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[ [ title_h2 title=”Wide slacks are all about length! One cushion for the modish, roll up for the casual” subtitle=”Wide slacks technique (2)”]

In the recent shows of high-end brands such as Saint Laurent and Givenchy, wide slacks were worn in long lengths with more cushioning, However, it would be difficult to imitate them as they are. In terms of ease of adoption, we recommend a length with a little bit of cushioning, such as a one-cushion to half-cushion length, where the hem is slightly tucked in at the feet. The advantage of this is that it maintains the dressy and trendy mood that is the charm of slacks, while minimizing the risk of looking sloppy.

To avoid the wild look that tends to occur in wide slacks coordinates and to create a sophisticated look, we recommend wearing them at ankle length with no cushioning.

Editor Tachibana
For wide slacks, choose a model with a deep inseam so that you can adjust the waist position and change the length when you put them on. In particular, wide slacks with a moderate fall in the fabric, such as GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ ” LIBRA TOKYO,” are recommended, as they can be worn with or without cushioning and look great.

For those who don’t want to bother with hemming, those who want to wear them at a cushioned length, or those who want to look like a stylish Italian man, you can roll them up without hemming. Wide slacks made of casual fabrics such as cotton, linen, and nylon are particularly comfortable when rolled up.

Roll ups can be done in any way you like, but for a stylish and natural look, the width of the roll-up should be 2~4 cm and the number of folds should be limited to two. If you are not comfortable with the style of rolling up slacks, try ironing them while they are rolled up for a natural look like double-finished slacks.

↑3cm wide once folded and iron pressed.

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Wide Slacks Strategy Techniques (3)Shoes that match the length & hem width of wide slacks. Choice!

Once you have decided on the length of your wide slacks, the last thing you want to focus on is pairing them with the right shoes. Full-length slacks with a hem width of about 23cm, such as the ones worn by the men shown here, go well with shoes with a bit of volume, such as Nike’s AF1. If the pants are super wide, with a hem width of over 25cm, shoes with volume in the upper and sole, such as Balenciaga’s Triple S orNew Balance’s 900s, will go well with the pants.

Editor Tachibana
In the past few years, shoes, both sneakers and leather shoes, have been popular with classic face models that are known as timeless classics. If you are looking for shoes to go with your wide slacks, we recommend you to choose from the classic models, as OTOKOMAE introduces you to the definitive classic models in articles such as ” Men’s Sneakers Ranking” and ” Leather Shoe Brands with Over 50 Years of History “! Please refer to them!

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