Denim Wide-Leg Pants: The Latest Trend in Men’s Fashion and How to Wear Them in Style


Denim Wide-Leg Pants: The Latest Trend in Men's Fashion and How to Wear Them in Style

Wide-leg bottoms are the latest trend in the fashion world. Popular high-end brands are also launching wide-leg pants, and the denim wide-leg pants (baggy jeans) by Balenciaga, Gucci, and Celine, which are leading the trend, have become a hot item in particular. In this issue, we focus on these “denim wide-leg pants” and introduce you to their coordinates!

How to choose the most immaculate denim wide pants?

Oversized clothing has taken root for both men and women, and the mainstream of pants has shifted from slim to relaxed wide-legs. Denim, which has a strong workwear image, should be worn in a “moderately loose” style that does not detract from the mature look. In this case, a short to just-right length that prevents cushioning at the hem and a design without excessive damage is a must. It is also a good idea to choose rigid denim, which has a crisp texture that creates a wide silhouette line and a clean, new look.

Scye Selvedge Denim Wide Leg Jeans

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Examples of Codes Using Denim Wide Pants

From the basic five-pocket wide leg to the pleated type equipped with slant pockets called denim slacks, painters’ pants with suspenders, carpenter pants, baker pants, and baggy jeans that were originally made for work use, we offer a wide range of denim wide leg jeans. We have a batch of wide denim pants, including baggy jeans that were originally made for work such as painted pants, suspenders, carpenter pants, and baker pants.

Baker pants-style denim wide-leg pants give the jackets coordinate a big-boned look

Baker pants-style denim wide pants with a moderately faded look are chosen to give a casual jacket-pants coordinate a bold look. A clean beige tailored jacket is layered with a botanical print shirt and white T-shirt to create a tropical mood while adding a resort-like nuance. The incorporation of a brown cap that functions as a joint, in sync with the color of the colonial upper body and the casual atmosphere of the denim wide pants, is also a good choice.

Slacks-type semi-wide denim pants elegantly incorporate trendy elements

We pick up the coordination that incorporates denim pants with a different approach from the trendy loose silhouette with cushion piled up at the hem. By choosing a slacks-type design with a double hem and pleats, as well as a moderate semi-wide silhouette, which is easy for adults to adopt, it creates a seasonal mood while fitting with a beautiful wool coat style.

PUBLIC TOKYO Polar Center Press Denim Tuxedo

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An advanced layering technique that shows a glimpse of wide denim pants from the hem of a long coat

Long coats with a strong presence can be styled almost by themselves, so it is considered difficult to add an arrangement, but by combining this gentleman with no-cushion wide denim pants, he creates a fresh, martial accent. The texture of the denim adds just the right rhythm to the sophisticated impression of the navy one-tone.


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Wide rigid denim pants add a trendy touch to a layered down vest style

A heather gray sweater layered with a purple down vest is worn with ankle-length rigid denim wide pants and low-cut white sneakers. Adjusting the balance of the top and bottom with denim wide pants, the relaxed silhouette of this casual winter coordinate gives it a trendy look. The purple down vest and rigid denim wide-leg pants are all in the same color to enhance the sense of unity, while the difference in coloring gives the look a strong sense of crispness.

ACNE STUDIOS Denim Wide Pants

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Refresh your denim-on-denim look with these rigid denim wide pants with an impactful folded hem!

This gentleman refreshed his denim-on-denim look with wide rigid denim pants that have an impact with their folded hem, which is different from trendy items. The workmanlike, heavy-boned look is maintained, and the monotony of the navy and blue tone-on-tone is dispelled by showing a generous amount of lining. The choice of denim wide-leg pants that are neither too loose nor too loose is the secret behind the mature impression.

Full-length rigid denim wide pants blended with black items for a winter coordinate with plenty of current feel

A long black chester coat, black crew-neck sweater, trendy full-length rigid denim wide-leg pants, and white sneakers are combined in this winter coordinate. The dark navy wide denim pants blend in with the black items while the good proportioned loose-fitting silhouette makes the outfit look very current. The length of the wide denim pants is nice, giving you a cushion to wear them with.

LEE Denim Wide Pants

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Clever layered tied-up style with denim wide pants adding fearlessness

Tied up with an olive green waxed coat layered with a beige tailored jacket and brown corduroy vest, indigo blue denim wide pants set at ankle length and brown boots. The sophisticated mix of dress and work expressed through skillful layering without overstuffing is a match made in heaven!

BAYBLO Denim Wide Pants

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Colorful accessories add glamour to denim wide-leg pants winter coordinates

This winter outfit combines a beige double chester coat, brown check double jacket, white shirt with stand-up collar accented with gold buttons, and blue denim wide-leg pants, with colorful accessories to add a hook. A long scarf, backpack details, patterned socks, and Balenciaga’s Trips S coloring all work together to create a pop mood. The gap between the fragility of the denim wide-leg pants with the frayed hem folded back and the choice of brand-conscious accessories is interesting.

AMI Paris Denim Wide Pants

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Painted denim wide-leg pants create a good balance with the upper body of a voluminous down jacket.

A down jacket whose expansive white color accentuates its volume is paired with painted denim wide pants, creating an outfit that synchronizes the white of the outerwear with the painted finish of the bottoms. While adjusting the balance between the upper and lower silhouettes, the unique oversized sunglasses and Burberry vintage check sneakers set on the feet add just the right amount of edge. The use of mustard yellow and white colors, placed between the denim wide-leg pants, is also brilliant!

Off-White Denim Wide Pants

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