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5 “shawl collar cardigans” that can be worn like a jacket in the spring


5 "shawl collar cardigans" that can be worn like a jacket in the spring

You don’t want to be as formal as a jacket, but you want to add a little more elegance than a regular cardigan. In such cases, we recommend shawl-collar cardigans, which have a return like the lapel of a jacket and can create an elegant look while maintaining a casual mood at the base. In this issue, we introduce a selection of shawl-collar cardigans for use in beautiful spring coordinates!

Recommended Shawl Collar Cardigans ①

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ “THE WOOSTER CARDIGAN” is a classic The shawl collar cardigan is designed with a wide lapel width so that it can be worn like a classic jacket. By adjusting the tension of the knitting from the shoulder tips to the neck, the silhouette when worn is finished with a neat look that more closely resembles a jacket style. The metal buttons have a flat design with few irregularities. This button gives the look from the front a sophisticated impression.

Editor Izumi
The fabric for this series was created by a domestic knitwear manufacturer with a history of about 70 years, using a unique cotton material called ” C Wave. The fabric is made of a unique cotton material called “C Wave,” blended with a high-stretch polyester yarn called “AMOSSA,” which gives it a unique texture and a shape memory so strong that it is no exaggeration to say that it will not lose its shape for more than 10 years. Incidentally, I tried on this cardigan once, and it is quite oversized, so I think it would be just right if you choose one size smaller than usual.


Recommended Shawl Collar Cardigan ②N.Peal 'Cash Cardigan'

N.Peal, a British knitwear brand known for being worn by James Bond in the movie “007 Spectre. We picked up a shawl-collar cardigan with a middle-gauge body, which is switched with a different color high-gauge knit from the upper collar to the front. The shawl collar design alone is a classy look, but the combination gives it a somewhat English noble feel.

Editor Izumi
We occasionally see shawl collar cardigans with the front section switched to a different knitted fabric, but it is relatively rare to see one with a different color as well. The coloring is not so conspicuous, but rather a gradation of similar colors, which is a good way to show off your individuality in a subtle way. If you match it with a no-tie shirt and slacks as shown in the styling image in the gallery, isn’t it like the holiday style of a young man of good upbringing in England?

Check out the N.Peal ” Cash Cardigan “

Recommended Shawl Collar Cardigan ③Polo Ralph Lauren 'Knit Cardigan'

Polo Ralph Lauren introduces a spring-specific shawl collar cardigan knitted roughly in middle gauge with a linen and cotton blend. This shawl-collar cardigan is made of a blend of linen and cotton, knitted roughly in a middle gauge. The material is of the same nature, and the roughly knitted construction gives a comfortable and breathable feel. Some cardigans are made of wool for spring and summer, but if you want to wear it on warmer days, we recommend you choose a linen or cotton cardigan with a dry touch.

Editor Izumi
This cardigan has a tight V-zone design. As shown in the styling image, it looks great with a necktie and gives a fearless look to your coordination. Since the sizing is just right to fit the body, it will fit nicely inside a spring coat, such as a trench or stainless steel collar.

Check out Polo Ralph Lauren’s ” Knit Cardigan “.

Recommended Shawl Collar Cardigans (4)Maison Kitsuné 'Bold Fox Head Cardigan'

Maison Kitsuné’s shawl collar cardigans lack waist pockets compared to the three models above. Instead, it has a one-pointed design with the iconic “Bold Fox Head” patch on the chest, giving it a charming Maison Kitsuné look. The color is unique, a deep turquoise, a mix of navy and green. Navy is a standard color for cardigans, but if you want to try something different, why not choose this color?

Editor Izumi
Maison Kitsuné’s one-point fox patches are also available colored with real fox fur, but this one is in the same color as the body. I imagine that there are many men who are not comfortable with real foxes (I am one of them), but with a familiar design like this, I think their resistance will lessen. I think that with a familiar design like this, they will be less resistant to it. Just a single point can make a big difference in the look of a coordinated outfit, so I recommend that they be included when something is missing.

Check out the Maison Kitsuné “Bold Fox Head Cardigan.”

Recommended shawl collar cardigans (5)Seagreen 'BIG WAFFLE cardigan'

Last but not least is the ” BIG WAFFLE cardigan” by Seagreen. This resort-style cardigan is made of the brand’s eponymous big waffle fabric, and is a piece that you can easily throw on over a T-shirt. The shawl collar, despite its casual look, gives it a classy impression and adds a mature look to a rough style.

Editor Izumi
Speaking of Seagrenn, this big waffle item is an absolute classic. The expressive, uneven fabric is a design that is hard to find elsewhere, and not only does it have a three-dimensional look and feel, but it is also very comfortable to the touch, which is the unique charm of this big waffle fabric. In addition to shawl collar cardigans, the lineup includes a variety of items such as collarless cardigans, hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, and jackets. It can also be worn as a set-up, so it is useful when you want to add a mature and classy touch to a rough resort coordinate.

Check out the Seagreen ” BIG WAFFLE cardigan

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