23 Cardigan Recommendations! Selected picks of the hottest items by genre.


23 Cardigan Recommendations! Selected picks of the hottest items by genre.

Cardigans are useful as outerwear in spring and fall and as innerwear for coats and down jackets in midwinter. There is a wide range of choices, from high gauge to low gauge, from cotton to wool and cashmere, as well as designs. In this issue, we focus on cardigans and pick up the hottest items!

If you’re looking for a cardigan you can’t go wrong with, check out these knitwear brands first!

Cardigan Men’s recommendation 1) “JOHN SMEDLEY WHITCHURCH

Johns Smedley” is the origin brand of high-gauge knitwear with a simple and timeless design, and is a long-established knitwear brand that even 007 James Bond actor Daniel Craig has patronized both publicly and privately. WHITCHURCH,” a standard cardigan, is made of Sea Island cotton, a top-quality cotton that is highly regarded worldwide. It has a finer texture than ordinary knitwear, and combines a noble luster and smoothness like silk.

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Cardigan men’s recommended item 2: “Drumohr high gauge knit cardigan

The oldest knitwear brand in the world, ” DOLMORE ” started in 1773 in Dumfries, Scotland. Currently, the company has moved its production base to Italy and is developing products with quality backed by a long tradition and designs that incorporate trends. The brand is also famous as the inventor of seamless knitwear, which enhances the original feel and lightness of knitwear and improves drape. The cardigan we picked up is one of the brand’s standard items, blended with linen and polyester for a light, cool and comfortable feel.

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Cardigan Men’s recommendation③”CRUCIANI Wool Solid Knit Cardigan

The modern and sophisticated knitwear collection ” Cruciani ” is developed by Maglital, a company founded in Perugia in 1966. The brand’s quality is so high that it is regarded as the pinnacle of knitwear. The brand’s basic collection of 27-gauge knitted cardigans has been highly popular for many years as the brand’s standard cardigans. The mixed-gauge design, in which only the ribs are switched to 9 gauge, adds nuance to the look.

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Cardigan Men’s recommended item 4: “gransasso High Gauge Knit Cardigan

The knitwear brand ” Gran Sasso ” started in a village in central Italy in 1952. The brand dares not to use an iconic mark or logo to identify the brand, but instead incorporates its motto, “Quality speaks for itself,” into all of its collections. The high-gauge knit cardigans are made of merino wool, and the front placket and buttons are thin, so they can be worn slim even when layered with a jacket.

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Men’s recommended cardigan⑤”SCAGLIONE High-gauge knit cardigan

Scaglione” was established in Bergamo, a suburb of Milan, in 1960, and was newly launched in 1980 by the second generation Giovanni Scaglione as a specialized knitwear brand. The brand handles a wide variety of high-end yarns, including merino wool, alpaca, silk, linen, and cotton. The brand places emphasis on the point that luxury can be enjoyed in everyday life, and produces products that are basic in style and highly durable.

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Men’s recommended cardigan(6): “corsini Merino Jersey Cardigan

Founded in the 1970s by Silvano Corsini, the luxury knitwear brand ” Corsini ” from Siena, Italy, was reborn as an original brand in 2000, when the Japanese knitwear manufacturer Jim took over the brand. Combining the refined sensibility of Italy and the skill of Japanese craftsmen, the brand offers a wide variety of high quality and sophisticated items in casual styles that only a knitwear brand can offer. The brand’s standard item, the “Merino Jersey Cardigan,” is a luxurious piece made of high-quality wool similar to cashmere.

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Cardigan Men’s recommended item 7: “ANDREA FENZI Cotton Wool Cardigan

The knitwear brand “Andrea Fenzi” was established in Brescia, Italy in 1962, and has developed a name for itself as one of the leading Italian luxury knitwear manufacturers, thanks to its outstanding material quality and technology. The cardigan is made of wool and cotton blended fabric, which is rare for cardigans, and has both a soft feel and lightweight finish. The basic, lean design can be worn with a variety of styles, both on and off the job, which is another reason for its recommendation.

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Men’s recommended cardigan: “ROBERTO COLLINA Buttonless Cardigan

Roberto Collina” was established in 1981 in the suburbs of Bologna, Italy, and is now popular as a factory brand representing Italy. It is famous as a factory that produces high quality knitwear from high gauge to low gauge knitwear, and also handles knitwear for luxury brands on an OEM basis. Introduced here is a cardigan with a relaxed, buttonless design. It is a design that is not often seen, so it is a good choice for differentiating yourself from others.

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Recommended Cardigan for men (9): “BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Shawl Collar Cardigan

The Italian knitwear brand “Brunello Cucinelli” was founded in 1978. The brand’s concept is “sport-chic luxury,” and its quality is highly regarded around the world for its insistence on made-in-Italy products. The cardigans made of 100% cashmere, a specialty of Brunello Cucinelli, are not only comfortable to wear, but once you put them on, you will become addicted to them.

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Cardigan men’s recommended item 10: “ZANONE Stand Collar Cardigan CIOTO

The knitwear brand ” Zanone ” was founded by Alberto Zanone in 1987. The CHIOTO is a renamed version of the brand’s classic KYOTO knit from 2016. It is a mid-gauge knit using virgin wool and has excellent warmth retention properties, and the collar does not tuck in and keeps its shape without losing its shape.

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Carthigan Men’s recommended item 11: “N.PEAL Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan

Since opening a store in London’s Burlington Arcade in 1936, the long-established cashmere knitwear brand ” N. Peel” has been loved by celebrities around the world. It is also famous for being worn by James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) when he meets Mr. White in 007 Spectre, along with a navy blouson by Dior Homme. The 70% cashmere and 30% silk fabric has a luxurious feel and a superb texture.

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Cardigan Men’s recommended item⑫”BAFY Cardigan

Buffy” is a factory brand founded in 1981 in Ancona, Marche, Italy, and has been active as a brand since 2003. Since its establishment, the brand has been producing knit products using fine yarns on the latest electronic knitting machines. The brand is characterized by its sophisticated style and casual yet elegant designs, and is sensitive to market trends and utilizes them in its collections. As an original brand of a knit factory, the company’s knitting technology is well-known for its high quality, and its greatest appeal is that its products do not lose their shape and last long even after repeated wear.

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Cardigan Men’s Recommended⑬”DREW&CO. Cardigan

Launched in 2014, ” Drew & Co. ” is based on the theme of classic and sophisticated style. The brand combines the essence of American vintage design with the comfort of an Italian fit and the use of British fabrics. Introduced here is a cardigan with an American vintage feel. The stand collar adds a touch of sophistication, making it suitable for a wide range of outfits, from casual to elegant.

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Cardigan Men’s recommended⑭”INVERALLAN Lumber Cardigan 3A

Inveraran” is a knitwear brand established in Scotland, the sacred land of knitwear, in 1975. The knit products made by INVERALLAN are signed by the knitters themselves on the tag to guarantee the quality of the knitwear, and the craftsmen themselves prove the value of their products. Each knit is made by a single craftsman using the finest pure wool, and it takes about 90 hours to knit a single piece of knit consisting of at least 25,000 stitches, and the delivery time from yarn procurement to final shipment is usually said to be 6 months.

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