What is the “waffle sole” sneaker that made Nike a hit? Introducing the equipped models you can buy now!


What is the "waffle sole" sneaker that made Nike a hit? Introducing the equipped models you can buy now!

NIKE sneakers are a fusion of innovative innovation and street-inspired design. This time, we focus on models with the ” waffle sole ” that helped Nike grow into such a popular brand. We will introduce you to the waffle-sole sneakers that you can buy now, based on the characteristics that attract people!

What is the history of the global sports brand ” NIKE “?

NIKE” is a world-famous sports brand that everyone knows. Although NIKE is a very popular brand that occupies a huge share of the sports market, surprisingly few people can talk about its history. Nike’s history began in 1964. Phil Knight, a middle-distance track and field runner at Oregon State University, and his coach Bill Bowerman teamed up to establish the predecessor company, Blue Ribbon Sports. Initially an importer and distributor of Onitsuka Tiger (now ASICS), the success of the business led to the design, production, and sale of new shoes on their own, and Nike was born in 1972. Nike has attracted attention by creating innovative and well-designed items one after another, and has developed a rich lineup of products and various collaborative items. Today, Nike reigns as an indispensable brand not only in the sports world but also in the fashion scene.

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The “waffle sole” that made Nike a hit.

Nike develops a variety of sneakers, but it is said that what made Nike famous was the ” waffle sole ” used in its running shoes. Bill Bowerman, who was working on the development of metal-free spike shoes, was inspired by the waffles his wife served for breakfast and incorporated them into Nike shoes. The waffle sole has a tread pattern with square protrusions of about 5 mm on each side, which provide a firm grip even on slippery surfaces. In addition, the waffle sole kicked hard on the ground, which increased speed, the most important factor in running shoes. This groundbreaking system, the sneaker invention of the century, became one of the brand’s iconic details that propelled Nike to the top of the market.

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Why do Nike’s sneakers with waffle soles attract people?

The waffle sole has been used in several series of sneakers, including the ” Oregon Waffle,” “Waffle Trainer,” “Waffle Racer,” and many others in the early years. In addition to the high functionality of the waffle sole, the uneven, three-dimensional sole has outstanding design characteristics. In recent years, the waffle sole has become the base for collaboration models with the Japanese high fashion brands sacai and fragment design, further boosting its popularity. Most models with waffle soles feature Nike’s iconic swoosh in a larger size, creating a classic retro design reminiscent of the 70’s that is hard to resist.

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