Nowadays, the “drawstring bag” has become an existence that men cannot overlook. We introduce items from recommended brands!


Nowadays, the "drawstring bag" has become an existence that men cannot overlook. We introduce items from recommended brands!

The “kinchaku bag” has been gaining popularity as a women’s item and is now attracting attention as a fashionable item for men. In this issue, we focus on “kinchaku bags” and introduce recommended items that are particular about design and materials!

What is a “drawstring bag” with a feminine atmosphere and a unique, relaxed design?

Many people may have an image of ladies when they hear the word “kinchaku bag. However, recently, the kinchaku bag has been attracting attention in the fashion-conscious men’s category as a casual bag that can be casually worn. To begin with, a drawstring bag is a bag designed with a drawcord around the opening of the bag. Many of them are just the right size for men with little luggage, and many people fall in love with the drawstring bag once they use it as a styling accent. Depending on the item, the bag can be carried in a variety of ways, such as by holding it loosely by the pull or, if it has a strap, by slinging it over one’s shoulder. These bags are ideal for those who do not want to carry a large bag, but need a bag to carry a few small items.

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Various designs and materials. Here are 8 recommended drawstring bags from various brands.

Today, the kinchaku bag has become so popular as a fashionable item that many brands have introduced items for men. For those who are wondering what kind of item to choose, here are some recommended items to check out!

Men’s Recommended Drawstring Bags (1) “hobo Drawstring Shoulder Bag

The “Drawstring Shoulder Bag” from the Tokyo-based brand “hobo” is a luxurious item made of horse leather, which is soft to the touch, tough, and lightweight. The leather is carefully tanned at a tannery in Himeji, using a process called “unrefining” to take advantage of the original texture of horsehide leather. The round, round shape and gusseted interior allow for a surprisingly large amount of storage space. The interior pockets are also a must-have. The more you use this bag, the more you can enjoy the aging process.

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Men’s Recommended Drawstring Bags (2) “Butler Verner Sails Molded Leather Drawstring Shoulder Bag

The “Molded Leather Drawstring Shoulder Bag” from Butler Verner Sails, a Tokyo-based bag maker that started with remade bags made from yacht sails. This item offers an exquisite contrast created by the combination of different materials: 100% cotton fabric and proven Tochigi leather. The leather is made of nude leather that does not hide scratches and other defects, so the more you use it, the more you can enjoy the deep flavor it develops over time, which is another point that tickles men’s hearts. The thick stitches used on the leather parts give the design a crafty feel. The drawstring bag, an unlikely mix of cotton and leather materials, is perfect for accentuating a coordinated look.

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Men’s Recommended Drawstring Bag (3) “PORTER Balloon Sack

PORTER, a long-established Japanese bag manufacturer that boasts popularity around the world, also offers a drawstring bag. The “Balloon Sack” is made of nylon twill fabric with a cotton bonding process, a technique that bonds two different fabrics together to create a lightweight, yet voluminous bag. It has a calm and shiny appearance. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so it can be used not only as a shoulder bag but also as a handbag. The drawcord at the mouth comes in the same color as the body, as well as a black and orange sub, so you can change it depending on your mood.

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Men’s Recommended Drawstring Bag ④ “KELTY Drawstring Shoulder Bag

The drawstring shoulder bag from the American backpack brand “KELTY” is a tough bag made of lightweight and durable INVISTA Cordura nylon. The bag is resistant to friction and can be used for many years, and is sure to come in handy for daily use. It has a rounded, colonized silhouette with a Kelty brand patch on the front. With a variety of colors available, this drawstring bag is perfect for accentuating your outfits.

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