What is the reason why the bag brand “MYSTERY RANCH (Mystery Ranch)” that the U.S. boasts of is attracting attention now?


What is the reason why the bag brand "MYSTERY RANCH (Mystery Ranch)" that the U.S. boasts of is attracting attention now?

MYSTERY RANCH (Mystery Ranch)” is a high-spec bag brand recognized by the U.S. military and special forces. With the recent outdoor whirlwind, it is a popular authentic brand that is attracting more attention than ever before. In this issue, we pick up recommended items along with the history of Mystery Ranch and the features of their bags loved by people!


MYSTERY RANCH” is one of the three major American bag brands. The brand is loved by people around the world for its authentic bags that focus on functionality, quality, and durability. The founder is outdoor legend Dana Gleason, who in 1985 designed the legendary “DANA DESIGN” brand of backpacks, which is known for its many innovations in backpack design. In 1995, he sold the brand, but a request from his daughter to make a hip bag rekindled his passion for bag making. In 2000, he launched “Mystery Ranch,” a brand that is built like a precision machine. The items are made like precision machines, and are used in a wide range of situations from outdoor activities to military, hunting, and forest firefighting.

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Three characteristics of Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch items are used in a wide range of situations, from daily use to military and other serious situations. Mystery Ranch’s bags are made with “how much luggage can be stored and carried over a long distance” as the primary consideration, and their features are explained!

Mystery Ranch’s Characteristic 1: “Durability that even the U.S. Navy’s Special Forces recognize.

Mystery Ranch has a long history of earning such a high reputation that in 2004 the Navy SEALs (U.S. Navy Special Forces) asked Mystery Ranch to produce a special edition packpack for them. Many models use Cordura nylon, which is approximately seven times stronger than regular nylon, for increased durability. Furthermore, by paying close attention to details such as adjusting the weight balance of the fabric, the company has created packs that are durable enough to withstand the harshest environments.

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Mystery Ranch’s Characteristic #2: “Designed to fit the body perfectly

Mystery Ranch’s most popular backpacks feature the patented “Futura Yoke System,” which conforms to the body even during strenuous activity. The back of the backpack is infinitely adjustable to accommodate each person’s different back length and physique, allowing for a perfect fit to the lines of the back. In addition, while most other companies set up their backpacks in an S- or C-shaped configuration that follows the human body, Mystery Ranch designs its backpacks vertically so that the load is transmitted directly to the back of the pack. Instead, the frame is made to be flexible, allowing the body to move in tandem with the body in any position and transmit the load appropriately while conforming to the body.

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Mystery Ranch’s Characteristic #3: “Functions that excel in storage capacity and ease of use

In addition to durability and ease of carrying, the bags are valued for their storage capacity and ease of use. Mystery Ranch bags are designed with a wide opening, making it easy to store and retrieve luggage. Furthermore, the use of zips by ” YKK, ” Japan’s world-class zipper manufacturer that pursues comfort and ease of use, makes opening and closing the bag a breeze. Despite its simple appearance, this is an excellent bag with high storage capacity, and it is even designed to be easy to store.

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What is the difference between American-made and Asian-made products?

Mystery Ranch offers a variety of models. As the lineup expands, models made not only in the U.S., where the company is headquartered, but also in Asia are being introduced. The reason why Mystery Ranch continues to manufacture in the U.S., which is now rare, is that Mystery Ranch is a contractor for the military. Contractors are required to have factories in the U.S. in order to supply equipment to the U.S. military. Most of the classic and hunting models are made in Asia, and since all samples are checked in the U.S., it can be said that the bags are of high quality in both countries of production.

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