For everyday use, a sweatshirt with a point on the chest! Pick up standard items that can be easily incorporated.


For everyday use, a sweatshirt with a point on the chest! Pick up standard items that can be easily incorporated.

Sweatshirts are mainly used in spring and fall, and are useful as innerwear for coats and jackets in winter. Especially if you have a simple sweatshirt with a single point on the chest that doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing something, you’re sure to have a much wider range of outfits. In this issue, we introduce a carefully selected selection of sweatshirts with a single point on the chest that you should have as a staple!

POLO RALPH LAUREN Cotton-blend sweatshirt

Polo Ralph Lauren sweatshirts are loved by men and women of all ages as a standard item. The elegant embroidered Polo Player logo on the chest is finished with 982 stitches. The cotton-blend jersey fabric provides a soft and comfortable fit. The stylish silhouette allows for a relaxed yet smart look.

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MAISON KITSUNÉ Foxhead cotton sweatshirt

This classic sweatshirt features a sophisticated silhouette and charming fox embroidery. The raglan sleeves enhance the functionality of this sweatshirt, making it stress-free and comfortable to wear despite its tight silhouette. This is a must-have for those who prefer French-style clothing with a sophisticated mood.

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A.P.C. Item Cotton Sweatshirt

A.P.C. offers simple sweatshirts to add to your daily wardrobe. The classic crew-neck design, made of soft, fleshy cotton, fits all kinds of coordinates. The logo print on the chest features ” Rue Madame Paris “, the address of the 6th arrondissement in Paris where the brand’s headquarters is located.

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ACNE STUDIOS Fairview Face Sweatshirt

If you are looking for a sweatshirt with one point on the chest, Acne’s sweatshirt is just the right choice. The “Fairview Faith” sweatshirt features the ” Faith ” logo patch, which was featured in the 2017 runway show and is designed with a generic Swedish expression. The high-quality look of fleece-backed cotton jersey and the drop-shoulder, immaculate silhouette create a sophisticated, grown-up man’s vibe.

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A-COLD-WALL Essential sweatshirt

The minimalist look of this piece features the ” ACW ” logo on the left chest in the same color. However, a closer look reveals some distinctive details, such as a V-shaped gusset and long ribbed hem. A flap pocket is also attached to the left arm, and can be expected to play an active role as an accent for a casual look.

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AMI ALEXANDRE MATTIUSSI ami de coeur sweatshirt

This standard sweatshirt features the brand’s well-known “Ami de Coeur” logo, a combination of a heart and an A, on the chest. It is available in a variety of colors, but we recommend this white body if you want to take full advantage of the accent provided by the one-point logo. Since the autumn and winter outfits tend to be in dark tones, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your surroundings.

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Y-3 sweatshirt

The relaxed silhouette of this dress is perfect for the season. It has a generous width and the ribbed hem is not too tight, so you can enjoy showing a glimpse of your innerwear from the hem. The ease of movement is also excellent, thanks to the use of transitional sections throughout the garment. It is also suitable for scenes with a bit of active activity.

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MSGM Micro sweatshirt

If you are looking for one-point logo sweatshirts that will make a statement even when wearing outerwear, these from ” MSGM ” are sure to be a strong choice. The logo is placed on the front, so if you wear a coat or blouson with the logo open on the front, you can show off the brand. Yet, the size of the logo is not too large, so it is easy to use in daily life.

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