Plain Sweatshirts Special! 15 recommended versatile models that can be worn with a variety of outfits


Plain Sweatshirts Special! 15 recommended versatile models that can be worn with a variety of outfits

Sweatshirts that can add a sporty essence to your outfits are men’s staple wear that can be used from fall to spring. Various designs such as lettered and logo designs are available from various brands, but if you value versatility, you should choose “plain” sweatshirts. This time, we focus on “plain sweatshirts” and introduce recommended items!

Plain trainers are versatile tops that you can wear with any bottoms!

Originally created as football uniforms, sweatshirt sweatshirts are the perfect item for today’s emerging sports trend. However, with designs featuring lettering and logos, you often have to be careful about what items you combine with them. We recommend plain sweatshirts. They are easy to match with dress pants as well as casual pants, and they can also play a supporting role in a unique outerwear. At Pitti Uomo, where fashionable people gather, we saw many people enjoying mixing and matching styles, so please take a look at them as a reference for your outfits.

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Plain sweatshirts are simple, but it is important to choose the right perspective!

Plain sweatshirts are characterized by their simple face, which makes them highly versatile, but because they are so basic, one wrong move and you could look like just another plain person. To avoid this, there are three major points to consider when selecting trainers!

How to choose plain sweatshirts (1) “Because they are plain, the key point is the sizing, which determines the atmosphere of the coordination.

Sizing is the most important factor in selecting not only sweatshirts but also other plain items. A wide range of silhouettes are available, from a just right fit that creates a sophisticated impression to a relaxed fit that is in season, but the most important thing to keep in mind when making your choice is whether or not the item will fit easily into your everyday coordinate. In this world of the Corona disaster, it is difficult to visit stores and try on clothes, but you can see photos of models wearing these items online, so you should choose the sizing that suits you best while referring to them.

How to choose plain sweatshirts (2) “To create a sophisticated atmosphere, differentiate yourself with “details”!

As clothing enthusiasts know, sweatshirts are an old clothing item with a long history, having originated in the United States in the 1920s. In the past few years, trainers from older periods have often fetched high prices in the vintage clothing market, which is why trainers that follow vintage-style details have become popular among the fashionable crowd. For example, the V-shaped gusset, a triangular detail around the neck. It was introduced to prevent the fabric from shrinking, but it has been reduced due to cost reduction since the 60’s. Nowadays, it is considered as a symbolic detail of vintage trainers. If you choose plain sweatshirts with these details in mind, it will be easy to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

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How to choose plain sweatshirts (3) “Loop back vs. fleece! Check the lining, which is often overlooked.

The type of “lining” is often overlooked when selecting sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are usually lined with either “loopback” (pile) or “fleece,” and which you choose will greatly affect the comfort of the sweatshirt. For example, if sweat absorbency and lightness are important, choose loopback, and if high heat retention is desired, choose fleece. The choice also depends on the season, so it is important to check carefully. Also, if you carefully check the ” ounce ” as an indicator of the thickness of the fabric, you will be able to choose a sweatshirt that is closer to your personal preference.

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