Unleash Your Wild Side with Two Blocks x Wolf: The Ultimate Guide to Masculine Hairstyles and Styling Techniques


Unleash Your Wild Side with Two Blocks x Wolf: The Ultimate Guide to Masculine Hairstyles and Styling Techniques

The wolf cut, which has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, is an attractive hairstyle with a wild look. To accentuate its charm, we recommend combining it with the classic men’s two-block haircut. In this issue, we will introduce the “two-block x wolf” hairstyle, including its merits, examples of hairstyles, and styling tips.

Advantages of Combining Two-Block and Wolf

The advantage of the two-block x Wolf is that it gives the impression of hard-core masculinity. If the collar is long and the overall length remains loose, it creates a somewhat flirtatious atmosphere, but if the sides are trimmed, it instantly adds a fresh look. It also creates a sense of cleanliness, making it easy to match in business situations. It is also attractive because it goes perfectly with trendy loose permed styles and light hairstyles. If you are looking for a wild look with a unique personality, you can’t go wrong with a two-block hair style and a wolf hair style.

See Two Blocks x Wolf

10 recommended two-block x wolf hair styles! Including tips on how to set and style your hair!

Two Blocks x Wolf Recommended Men’s Hair (1) “Add a wolf feel to a hard black two-block short hair for a definite hair look.”

The spiky texture of the straight black hair complements the manly appearance of this iron plate hair style. It is not trendy, but it is characterized by a balance of cleanliness and masculinity that will not fade away in any age. It is easily accepted by people of all ages and genders, and is perfectly friendly, so it is sure to be useful both in business and in private life. The short wolfnape is also recommended for wolf beginners and those who want to change their look from the nappe-less style.

▶︎Styling tips

The key to a short style is to shape it with a hair dryer to some extent before using styling products front. Dry hair firmly from the roots while rubbing the skin to make hair stand up. Then, apply hard wax all over the entire hair and adjust the hair bundles to complete the look. The casual look stands out when the man here lets his bangs fall down at the end, but it would also look good with an up-do to give it a more dynamic look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”OCEAN TRICO Hair Wax Edge Sharp x Keep”

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Two-Block x Wolf Recommended men’s hair 2: “Rugged wolf style with the essence of a barber.

This hairstyle combines an edgy textured crop bang with a wolf cut to make it stand out more. The fade cut base is in vogue when it comes to the Barber style. However, the two-block style is not too aggressive, which creates a sense of stylishness. The strong individuality of this style requires careful consideration of what to wear and when, but it is perfect for those who don’t want to look like everyone else and want to show off their presence.

▶︎Tips for styling

We recommend using grease or similar products that can hold hair firmly in place while adding shine. The top and bangs should be pressed down to avoid creating volume, while the back and neckline should be styled to create movement. Since a hair dryer is not required, it can be easily styled in 2~3 minutes.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”Nichiri Cool Grease Pericia EX EXTRA HARD

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Two-Block x Wolf Recommended men’s hair 3: “Two-Block Wolf for adults with an up-bang to create a luxurious look.

The loose texture of the loosely applied perm and the perfectly lifted up bang give this adult wolf cut a sense of refinement. The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to match with hair of any age, but the permed hair with a three-dimensional feel, the up-bang, and the adjusted collar length make it a trend-right hairstyle. The wolf cut tends to create a vertical silhouette, so if you are concerned about your face length, try shortening the fringe or controlling the volume at the top.

▶︎Styling tips

Use a wet styling product to accentuate the texture of the perm. You want to not only give shine but also hold the up-bangs firmly in place, so a grease with high maneuverability is recommended. After towel-drying thoroughly, apply styling products little by little to prevent the hair from becoming flat and crushed.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”ARIMINO MEN Freeze Keep Grease

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Two Blocks x Wolf Recommended men’s hair 4: “A cool and fresh short wavy haircut with a transparent bang.

The secret to keeping long bangs from looking too heavy is the see-through bangs that are so popular right now. The latest trend for see-through bangs is to match them with mash hair to create a sense of transparency and ennui, but they also go perfectly with wolves. The wildness of the two-tone wolves is combined with a lightness that makes it instantly approachable and appealing. For a more casual texture, try combining it with a light hair color like this man.

▶︎Styling tips

Can be reproduced with either a nuanced perm or frizzy hair. Softly dry hair in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth and rub in some soft wax. The front part of the hair should be light, so use less styling product. Make sure to curl the hair outward so that it can be seen from the front.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”DEMI Wavo Design Cube Air Loose Wax

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Two-Block x Wolf Recommended men’s hair 5: “A spiral wolf with a subtle two-block for a crisp appeal.

A medium length wolf style with length and volume is spiral permed to create a loose and fluffy texture. The key is to make it look airy so that it does not feel too heavy. The hair is also left down in a rough style to give a translucent look, which is the best way to relax the hair. The inside trimmed style, which does not look like a two-block at first glance, can be worn over the ears for a change of pace, which adds to its charm. We recommend using black or dark tones rather than brighter colors.

▶︎Styling tips

The key to creating a rugged look is to dry the hair so that the ends are gently wrapped, but not too carefully at this point. The curls are finished by rubbing in a soft wax all over the hair, being careful not to stretch the curls. If your hair becomes dry due to damage, it will look dull and unclean at once, so be sure to take care of your hair on a daily basis.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”Nakano Styling Tanto N Wax 2 Normal Type

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