What is a natural perm? Check out the advantages and disadvantages along with the differences from digital perms!


What is a natural perm? Check out the advantages and disadvantages along with the differences from digital perms!

When looking at hair catalogs, you may see the words ” natural perm. It is often mistaken for a perm with a natural nuance, but this is actually the name of a perm application method. In this issue, we focus on the characteristics of the natural perm, its drawbacks, and how it differs from the digital perm that is often compared!

What is the “natural perm” that is often misunderstood.

The name “natural perm” is often mistaken for a perm with a natural movement and a slight curl at the ends of the hair. This is generally called a “nuanced perm,” and natural perm is the name of the perm application technique. So what exactly is a natural perm? The answer is a perm that changes the shape of the hair using only chemicals (perm solution). Digital perms are often compared to perms, which give the hair a shape-memory effect by applying heat to the hair in addition to chemicals.

What are the characteristics of a natural perm? Advantages and disadvantages to remember.

Natural perms are characterized by the fact that the wave is strongest when the hair is wet, and weakens as it dries. Also, since heat is not used in the process, damage to the hair is minimized. There is no risk of burns because the heat does not affect the scalp, and with natural perms, it is possible to create soft volume at the roots of the hair, such as the bangs and the top of the head. These are the main advantages, but of course there are some weaknesses. Because natural perms use only liquid to change the shape of the hair, it is difficult to get a strong perm and it does not last long, which is a major disadvantage.

On the contrary, the digital perm uses heat to strongly interfere with the hair, which has the advantage of making perms last much longer even on hair that is difficult to get permed. The wave feeling when wet and dry is also almost the same. The disadvantage of digital perms is heat damage, as briefly mentioned earlier. Another disadvantage in some cases is that it is quite difficult to restore the hair to its original state naturally, as it requires a straight perm to return the hair to its original state. The roots cannot be permed or the damage to the hair is greater. However, the feature of ensuring that the targeted perm lasts longer is very attractive.

Tips for styling a haircut with a natural perm

As mentioned above, natural waves are strongest when the hair is wet, so styling should start at this stage when the hair is wet. After roughly wiping away moisture with a towel dryer, the key is to blend in wax or other styling products while the hair is wet, rather than drying it with a hair dryer out of the blue. Since curls may not come out well after completely drying, if you want to enjoy the texture of the applied perm to the fullest, you need to start styling and shaping while the curls are still showing. If there are days when you want to weaken the wave of your hair, you can extend it to almost straight hair by pulling and drying your hair, so those who want to change their hairstyle from day to day may find this feature an advantage.

After applying styling products, use a hair dryer with low wind to gently shape the hair by hand while drying. Use a strong wind at this point to set the hair on a low setting as much as possible, since using a strong wind may cause the waves in the hair to stretch. Depending on the hairstyle, it may be possible to shape the hair and let it dry naturally.

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