What is Secret Perm? Highly Arranged Hairstyles & Hairstyling Tips.


What is Secret Perm? Highly Arranged Hairstyles & Hairstyling Tips.

Secret perms are becoming increasingly popular these days. It is said to be an undetectable perm, but many people may not know how it works. This month’s article introduces the secret perm, from its characteristics to its merits, as well as examples of hairstyles.

What is a secret perm?

Secret perm is a perm treatment that creates a natural look so that it is hard to tell that the hair has been permed at first glance. The curls can be reproduced differently depending on the styling products used, which makes it attractive for a wider range of hair style arrangements. Because the curls are subtle, perms are very popular among first-time perms and among students at schools and companies with strict rules and regulations.

What are the benefits of having a secret perm?

The greatest appeal of the secret perm is that the texture can be changed depending on the styling. If the hair is styled by rubbing it in, the curls will come alive. On the other hand, if styling is done by stretching the hair and applying styling products, a natural flow of hair like loose, curly hair can be created, making it easier to change the atmosphere than with normal perms. Another advantage that cannot be overlooked is the ease of styling, which is common to almost all perms. Compared to hair without perms, it is easier to add volume to the roots and create a bundled look, so it is recommended even for those with clumsy fingers.

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