Discovering the Down Perm: A Guide to Men’s Hairstyles and Styling Techniques from Korea


Discovering the Down Perm: A Guide to Men's Hairstyles and Styling Techniques from Korea

This is a down perm that can make the bone structure of the head look beautiful. It is gradually gaining attention because it can create a beautiful silhouette by controlling the volume of men’s hair, which tends to float around the scalp. This issue focuses on the “down perm” and introduces its features and recommended hairstyles.

What is Down Perm from Korea?

Down perm” is a type of perm that is applied to reduce the volume of hair. It is characterized by its ability to create the desired silhouette by eliminating the “root floating” phenomenon that is characteristic of hard or straight hair. This “down perm” technique has gradually spread over the past few years and is said to have originated in Korea. Korean hairstyles have been trending in Japan for a long time and are constantly being influenced by hairstyles and fashion, so it is sure to attract more attention in the future.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a down perm?

The most important advantage is that the hair can be permed down to keep it from floating, making the connection of the two-block look natural and taking care of the precipice at the back of the head. It also works well with the classic men’s hair mash style, giving a beautiful rounded form. On the other hand, however, depending on the amount of hair, the volume may be too restrained, making it impossible to create a fluffy haircut. It is important to understand that the down perm is a perm technique to improve the complexity of the hair, not to enhance the design of the haircut.

How long do down perms last?

Depending on the curling method, the strength of the chemical, and the hair type, a typical perm designed with rods can last a month or more. However, down perms are more difficult to maintain than perms designed with rods because the roots are easily affected as they grow out. Since hair grows about 1 cm in a month, if the hair has a strong original growth pattern or habit, it may feel as if the perm has weakened after about a month. Frequent perms can cause damage to your hair, so if you decide to increase the frequency of perms, be sure to treat your hair and scalp with treatments and hair care products on a regular basis.

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