Check out the “Wolf perm” that is getting more and more orders! Introducing examples of seasonal hairstyles and styling techniques.


Check out the "Wolf perm" that is getting more and more orders! Introducing examples of seasonal hairstyles and styling techniques.

The “Wolf perm” is gaining popularity among young people as an arranged version of the Wolf cut, which has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. It goes without saying that it is an easy way to get a seasonal look, and depending on the length and the strength of the perm curls, it can be enjoyed in a wide range of looks, from genderless to wild. In this issue, we will introduce examples of hairstyles and styling techniques based on the theme of the ” Wolf perm.

What is Wolf Perm?

Wolf perm, as the name implies, is a haircut with a wolf cut and perm. Since there is no specific definition of length or type of perm, it is easy to create the atmosphere you are looking for. For example, a loose perm on a trendy mash wolf will create a genderless haircut, while a strong perm on a short wolf with flat curls will give the hair a bold, masculine look. In other words, there are countless options depending on the length and the type and strength of the perm, so you can create your own individuality as you wish.

Find Wolf Perm

Wolf perm for a full on trend look! 10 recommended hairstyles & styling techniques

Here we introduce a wolf style with perm accents. Many of the hairstyles include trendy elements other than the wolf cut, so even the most trend-conscious will be satisfied. Styling techniques that make the most of perms are also explained, so please refer to them for reference.

Wolf perm recommendation 1: “Feather Wolf with fluffy volume and sharp bundles “

The feather wolf is a medium-length, soft-twist perm that creates just the right amount of volume. Fine strands of hair overlap to create an airy texture. Another key point is the use of soft colors to add a loose feel. The aggressive look created by the wolf cut and the fine strands is combined to create a perfectly friendly look. Basically, it is recommended that the bangs be swept to one side for a fresh look so that they do not become too heavy.

▶︎Styling tips

Dry the hair with a light grip to create volume so that the texture of the perm can be utilized. It is important not to forget to apply light heat to the scalp at this point to dry it thoroughly. Finish with a hair wax that has good control and hold, and create a silhouette by distributing hair strands finely.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”OCEAN TRICO Hair Wax Edge Sharp x Keep”

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Wolf perm recommendation 2: “Medium mache wolf x wavy perm for an adult style.”

An adult medium style accented with the masculinity of a wolf cut. The stylishness of the mash and the spiral permed bangs create an appealing atmosphere of intelligence. The recent trend of wavy perms and mash wolves, plus the arrangement of the bangs, give it a stylish feel. The key point is that despite the trendiness of the hair, it can be easily adapted to adult men as well.

▶︎Styling tips

This hairstyle is full of trendy elements, but styling it is easy. The strong perm creates movement and volume, so all you need to do is lightly support the hair to make the most of it. After drying the roots, rub some hair mousse into the ends of the hair and let it dry naturally. If too much water is removed from the ends of the hair when first drying, the curls will tend to be loose, so keep the ends damp.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”UEVO Spring Puff”

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Wolf perm recommendation 3: “Wolf perm with a natural look that looks like it’s not set.”

A slightly longer short length with a loose, nuanced perm. The key to the key wolf element is to keep the layers light and leave a little weight at the collar to calm the hair. The hair color is darkened to create a natural look, so depending on the volume of hair, the impression could be heavy. Therefore, lightening the bangs to create freshness and lightness is the key to balancing the overall look. The simple design makes it easy to arrange, making it perfect for those who enjoy styling their hair.

▶︎Styling tips

After drying the hair so that it sits well, use soft wax to create a natural finish. The trick is not to create volume or curls, but rather to give the hair a frizzy, unruly texture. A very small amount of hair wax is fine, as it is unnecessary to use styling products to create a finished look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”DEMI Wavo Design Cube Air Loose Wax

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Wolf perm recommendation 4: “Active wolf with mesh and a perm with random movement for a playful look.

A lively wolf style with a playful, carefree look, created by applying perms in a carefree manner. The volume is kept light to accentuate the fluffy texture of the perm. Partial mesh was added to create a three-dimensional effect, which also contributes to the active impression. It is recommended to use a slightly lighter base color so that the mesh does not stand out.

▶︎Styling tips

Dry hair with a hair dryer to let air in for an airy finish. Occasionally scrunching and rubbing the hair as if grabbing it from above is recommended for creating texture. Use a soft hair wax as a styling product to make the most of the perm. If your hair is noticeably damaged by the perm and coloring, apply hair oil to the hair before setting.

Recommended styling products for this hair style ▶ “Nakano Styling Tanto N Wax 3 Light Hard”.

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Wolf perm recommendation 5: “Mush Wolf with a strong perm that shows off your presence and personality.

The bold perm work and the silhouette of hair that extends to the collar give this hairstyle a unique atmosphere. The key point is that the heavy mash wolf, which was becoming the standard, has been rearranged to add a stylish feel. The overall look was permed to give the impression of lightness even with black hair, and the bangs were made transparent for a light impression, which is the current trend. This is perfect for those seeking a different kind of mash wolf with seasonal elements.

▶︎Styling tips

To maximize the curl of the perm, style it half-dry. First, thoroughly dry hair with a towel, then rub grease into the hair thoroughly. Be careful not to apply too much styling product or leave too much moisture in the hair, as this will ruin the fluffy look. Be careful with the amount of styling product used, especially for bangs, to create a translucent look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”Nichiri Cool Grease Pericia EX EXTRA HARD

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