Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men’s denim outfits by category, from season to color!


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Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men's denim outfits by category, from season to color!

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Jeans Coordinates by Silhouette [ Straight Jeans

A white T-shirt and straight jeans coordinate with just the right amount of trendiness to create a sophisticated mood

The most popular way to coordinate blue jeans is to wear them with a white T-shirt. The cleverness of this man is that he has adjusted his image to a more modern look. The white T-shirt is oversized with moderately sloped shoulders, and the jeans are a slightly thicker, straight silhouette. While definitely incorporating the trendy keyword “oversized,” the trick is to look sophisticated even in a simple coordination without overdoing it.

Levi’s Stonewash Straight Jeans

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Tucking in a pair of jeans makes the jeans coordinate look fuller and more flattering.

A western shirt and straight jeans give this men’s outfit a wild, masculine feel. The contrast between the white shirt and black denim accentuates the borderline of the outfit by adding a tuck-in arrangement. Tucking in is an effective dressing technique that can give an outfit more body, so why not try it when coordinating with a T-shirt?

A.P.C. Regular Fit Jeans

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Mixing a classy element to the jeans coordinate with a knit T-shirt and glasses, a beautiful item

Blue jeans with a work taste are synonymous with rugged men’s items. While it is possible to take advantage of this taste to create a rugged look, it is also possible to create a mixed style by adding beautiful elements. Take, for example, this coordinate with a knit T-shirt. The bottom half of the body is matched with jeans and work shoes, while the upper half is enhanced with a knit T-shirt and glasses on the collar to give a classy impression. This is a good example of jeans coordination for adults.

ACNE STUDIOS 1996 Straight Jeans

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Jeans Codes by Silhouette [ Tapered

Faded tapered jeans make the most of denim’s charm for an expressive men’s coordinate

Washed jeans are an item that offers the true appeal of denim. The faded detailing gives them a more casual and expressive look.

Tommy Jeans Mid Rise Tapered Jeans

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Tapered jeans to go with a white shirt

When wearing a dressy white shirt with jeans, you should pay attention to the silhouette of the jeans. Of course, you can create a contrasting look by wearing wide silhouette jeans, but if you want to keep the elegant mood of the white shirt, choose a tapered silhouette. The clean silhouette that narrows from the crotch to the hem creates a classy impression.

7 For All Mankind Slimmy Tapered Jeans

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Jeans Coordinates by Silhouette [ Wide

Express a highly sensitive coordination with wide silhouette jeans that even Levi’s is paying attention to!

The current men’s pants trend of wide silhouettes applies to jeans as well, of course. The trend’s high profile can be read from the movements of the king of jeans brands, such as the reissue in July 2022 of the Levi’s line “Silver Tab,” which launched loose-silhouette items. Daniele Biagioli, who has been photographed by media around the world for his highly sensitive use of items, also incorporates wide silhouette jeans into his outfits. He also showed an advanced coordination with a jacket style at Pitti Uomo 102.

AMI PARIS Alex Fit Low Rise Jeans

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The silhouette of wide jeans gives a tonal coordinate a boost.

When wearing a top and bottom in the same color, it is important to add some element of crispness to the look, such as the texture and silhouette. For example, the silhouette of the outfit here is a good example of how to create a sense of liveliness. By combining a white cut and sewn with a pair of wide jeans that have lost their color, a beautiful, crisp A-line can be seen.

VERSACE Wide Jeans

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Jeans coordinates by silhouette [ Slim/Skinny

Dare to wear skinny jeans to create a fresh men’s coordinate

While wide silhouette bottoms are in fashion, skinny jeans are an interesting way to go against the trend and create a fresh impression. Pairing them with a just-right size T-shirt will give you a fresh and smart look.

John Richmond Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

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Slim silhouette black jeans tighten the contours of light-colored items

Black jeans are one of the best bottoms for tightening up an outfit. If the silhouette is slimmer, you can expect more of the same effect. This man is wearing a gray long-sleeved polo shirt with a beige jacket wrapped around his waist. By combining such a light-colored top item with black jeans and black sneakers, he creates a visually tight outfit.

Jacob Cohen Bard Slim Jeans

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White denim will give your summer men’s outfits a cooler look

If you want to make your summer jeans coordinate look cooler, choose white denim. Even a hot black polo shirt outfit can offset that impression by adding white denim. Light blue jeans, which are almost white with an extreme amount of indigo, are also the first choice of bottoms that can be worn with summer coordinates for the same reason.

POLO RALPH LAUREN Sullivan Slim Jeans

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Jeans Codes by Silhouette [ Flared (Bootcut)

Flared jeans with signs of trend make your coordination highly sensitive!

Flared silhouette pants are currently a hot trend item. The trend also applies to jeans, which are secretly gaining popularity among sensitive men. Jeans with a flared silhouette create the illusion of longer legs, which is an attractive way to enhance one’s style. They have been attracting attention as a serious trend item among women for some time now, and it is quite possible that this trend will spread to men in the future as well, so there is no harm in checking them out.

GALLERY DEPT. Damage Flared Jeans

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