Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men’s denim outfits by category, from season to color!


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Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men's denim outfits by category, from season to color!

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Introducing jeans coordinates by color! White denim version

Compared to black, gray, and indigo jeans, white denim is characterized by its ability to create a clean and relaxed look. It is also a merit not to be overlooked that white denim is surprisingly versatile, such as in creating a light mood in a heavy winter coordinate, not to mention that it fits well with jackets.

Men’s coordinate with white jeans and a suede blouson without the ac

Leather blousons, which can produce masculinity and sex appeal, can also give a TOO MUCH impression to others, depending on how they are worn. Such masculine outerwear that requires careful handling can be easily worn with white jeans. The clean white denim fabric removes the outer garment’s aggressiveness to a good degree, making it a perfect men’s coordinate. If you want to express a men’s coordinate that is not too formal or pretentious like slacks, why not try wearing white jeans?

The potential of white jeans that gently accompanies the soft gray color of outerwear

A soft gray duffle coat and white jeans bring together a winter men’s coordinate in gentle tones. This is a good example of a winter coordinate that can be expressed only with white jeans, which give a clean and relaxed impression rather than a martial appearance. The brown shoes on the feet add a touch of color to the look.

With white jeans, you can easily achieve a denim-on-denim coordinate that tends to make you feel like you’re trying too hard!

Denim-on-denim never goes out of style and always has an overwhelming presence and stylish atmosphere. However, the blue denim top and bottom combination can be a bit too bold and aggressive, creating a high hurdle to overcome. White jeans can solve this problem. The combination of blue and white gives a sense of intelligence and coolness, so the martial spirit is moderately suppressed, creating a beautiful style in spite of the denim-on-denim. The loafers on the feet further enhance the elegant impression, and we hope you will take a look at the outfit below.

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