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5 Important Trends for Summer Codes [ Pitti Uomo 106 Breaking News ].


5 Important Trends for Summer Codes [ Pitti Uomo 106 Breaking News ].

Pitti Uomo, the world’s largest men’s fashion trade show, is held twice a year in Florence, Italy. It is visited by buyers, designers, influencers, and other fashionable people from all over the world to check out the latest collections of major brands, and has attracted attention as a place where the “real latest trends can be learned. In this issue, we will introduce five carefully selected “how to dress in a fresh way” that we discovered from the countless snaps taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial department at Pitti Uomo.

Codes found at Pitti Uomo 106 (1)Denim & Loafer MIX Style

The first style we will pick up is a mix of denim and loafers. This combination itself has been recognized for a long time, but this year we saw a slight change in the silhouette of the jeans. A few years ago, it was common to wear loafers with denim in a short, slim tapered slacks-like silhouette, but this season, the style is toward a looser silhouette and longer-length denim.

Editor Tachibana
If you are not comfortable wearing loafers with denim that is long enough to drag at the hem, just try wearing denim with a roomy silhouette that doesn’t pick up the lines of your legs with no cushioning, which will give you a fresh impression! The silhouette I’m wearing right now is about one size larger than Levi’s 501s. Recently, I’ve seen some people who dare to wear vintage Levi’s in a larger size.

Coding tips found at Pitti Uomo 106 (2)A set of full-length pants that doubles up as a stylish look

Full-length pants have been frequently pushed at OTOKOMAE over the past few years. Their popularity was alive and well at this year’s Pitti Uomo. Fashionable men who used to wear no-cushion tapered pants as a matter of course until a few years ago wore full-length pants at Pitti Uomo this time. The point is to wear full-length pants in a supple fabric with a sense of fall. The drapey cushioning around the legs doubles the couture look of the outfit.

Editor Tachibana
At the brand’s exhibit, pants made of wool or cotton mixed with rayon or fabrics that have been specially treated to increase flexibility and suppleness were proposed. From now on, pants made of fabrics that look tight and firm but are actually supple to the touch are likely to attract attention. I think these pants will look great when worn full-length. I think you will see more opportunities to see these pants in stores from now on, so please check them out.

Codes found at Pitti Uomo 106 (3)Unexpected combination of tailored jacket and baseball cap

This style is slowly beginning to attract attention as a new way to mix and match suits and jackets. The appeal of this style is that it can be arranged in a wide range of ways, such as matching colors to enhance a sense of unity or adding a splash of color. The advantage of this style is that it requires only a minimal amount of work to set the hair.

Editor Tachibana
While I have the impression that mix styling, such as setting a T-shirt under a tailored jacket and sneakers on the feet, has already gained citizenship, the combination of baseball caps seems fresh. I personally think that the style of Emme Leon Doré can be a reference for those who like American style, and the style of Brunello Cucinelli can be a reference for those who prefer Italian style of dressing!

Coding techniques found at Pitti Uomo 106 (4)

Red has been a hot color for the past few years. The use of light pink items that raise the tone of red caught my attention at Pitti Uomo this time. The unique coloring, which has never been seen before, gives men’s outfits a fresh impression. The use of pink in jackets, shirts, and pants can be done in any way you like. When you are in the mood to enjoy a gorgeous spring/summer style, please consider using it.

Editor Tachibana
At the booth, a wide variety of pale pink items were proposed through the filter of each brand, including pale red proposals reminiscent of cherries and strawberries, and pale reddish browns that were almost rust-colored with a martial feel. While jackets and pants may seem too difficult to wear unless you are an expert, knitwear and shirts that can be used as innerwear are easy to try. Also, light tones have less presence than primary colors, so even drastic color choices can often be combined in a surprisingly elegant way.

Coding techniques found at Pitti Uomo 106 (5)The magic of an urban look with a little arrangement! The use of black accessories is the focus.

Italian fashionable people have an image of incorporating brown belts and shoes to put together their outfits for a cozy impression, but at the most recent Pitti Uomo, black items were used to create a modern look. However, at the most recent Pitti Uomo, black items were seen in many outfits to create a modern look. The combination of black items that sharply accentuate the light-toned clothes that shine in the summer sun is expected to become a new standard style for spring and summer in the future!

Editor Tachibana
For example, a white shirt & white pants style can be interspersed with a black belt and black shoes, or a brown suit outfit can be set with black innerwear and black shoes for a modern look. Black accessories go well with all kinds of color items, so you can enjoy a variety of combinations. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the fresh balance of a black scarf and black leather shoes, which look tight yet glamorous at the same time.

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