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Men’s Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.5


Men's Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.5

From among the tens of thousands of photos taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial staff, I have carefully selected outfits that I think are particularly cool and will explain the key points of these outfits.

Example of a good-looking summer coordinate 23This is what adult men look like when they adopt the A-line silhouette

Coordinates that comprise the A-line silhouette, which has recently become popular among teenagers of both sexes. The K-Pop idol-like styling of tight tops and baggy pants has become a standard favorite, especially among ladies. For adult men, we recommend wearing a just right size black T-shirt as a top and a loose bottom to create a slight A-line silhouette, as shown in the snapshot below. This style will give you a hip look in addition to a smaller face and longer legs.

Editor Mitsui
The man in the snap below has rolled up the hem of his bottom, but for a more modern nuanced style, we recommend not rolling up the bottom, and instead go for a full-length to one-cushion length.

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Cool Summer Coordinate Example 24Dark tones are mainly worn with a hint of white to create a sense of lightness

Short-sleeved open-collar shirt in dark green, Catch a man styled in a combination of a dark green short-sleeved open-collar shirt, black wide straight pants, and black loafers. The main items are in dark tones, but a white tank top and white socks as innerwear give the outfit a relaxed look.

Editor Mitsui
Owning several tank tops to use as innerwear is very useful for shirt coordination. It is recommended to own several inexpensive tank tops, such as the standard GILDAN tank tops.

Good-looking summer coordination example 25T-shirt and slacks coordination that must be mastered by adult men

Summer coordination tends to be casual anyway, but you should also master styles that give a mature and beautiful impression. An effective and easy to adopt combination for this kind of style is a crew-neck T-shirt and slacks. If you wear tassel loafers orGurkha sandals on your feet like the man in the snap below, you will look more dressy, while sneakers and the like will give you a more casual and beautiful style.

Editor Mitsui
Slightly oversized is the current trend in T-shirt fitting in dress-like styles. Since this is a simple style, we recommend adding a favorite watch, bracelet, or small leather goods to add a touch of class.

Cool Summer Coordinate Example 26A patterned shirt with a strong impact can look sophisticated with a monotone coordinate

Catch a wild-looking good-looking guy with a little bit of a cool rock ‘n’ roll vibe. The short-sleeved shirt with a botanical pattern that looks like it was painted with white paint, as well as his rough combed barber’s hairstyle, tattoos, and mustache, all add to the rugged atmosphere, but the overall black and white monotone color scheme creates a sophisticated and stylish impression.

Editor Mitsui
Stylig with a glitzy image can be cool in its own way, but it also runs the risk of leading to a vulgar impression. I think a sophisticated image can be added by being conscious of subtraction in terms of patterns, logos, and colors.

Cool Summer Coordinate Case 27City boy style practiced by adults is just right like this

The basic form of city boy fashion is to dress down around a traditional style. In terms of the items that make up the styling of the man in the snap below, the authentic chinos and bit loafers are the traditional elements, while the oversized white T-shirt and cap are the outfits that are worn down.

Editor Mitsui
The transient fashion style consisting solely of trendy items has lost its former vigor, and timeless styles and the clothes that make up these styles are being reevaluated these days. The city boy style, which is based on traditional clothes and dressed elegantly, is a style that is likely to gain even more momentum in the future.

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