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Men’s Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.1


Men's Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.1

From among the tens of thousands of snapshots taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial staff, I have carefully selected what I consider to be the best summer outfits and will explain the key points of these outfits.

Cool summer coordination example 1A refreshing white shirt and jeans style with a modern update

Short-sleeved white shirts and blue jeans, a staple of summer men’s coordination, are a great combination for creating a fresh and clean impression. It’s a great combination. While it is good to dress simply, the combination of standard wear can lead to mass production and lack of individuality. The first point is the loose fit of the shirt and jeans, and the second is the trendy use of a T-shirt under the shirt. This creates a modern impression.

Editor Mitsui
The man in the snap above is wearing penny loafers with rubber soles on his feet, but voluminous sneakers like the Asics Gel-Kayano 14 as well as flat sneakers like the Adidas Samba would work well together. As for oversized short-sleeved white shirts, there are surprisingly few, but Acne Studios is a good place to start.

Example of a good-looking summer coordinate (2)Knit polo in all navy, coordinated elegantly

The knit polo shirt, a staple in summer fashion for adults, is a wear that can add a beautiful impression to an outfit. We picked up a style in which such an impressive item is worn tastefully. The key point is that the casual look is achieved with New Balance sneakers and a shallow cap, while the roughness is skillfully reduced by closing all the buttons to create a classy style.

Editor Mitsui
While navy is a classy color, there is also a concern that if you put everything in navy, it will look too meek. In the case of the man in the above snapshot, he has set a pair of gray New Balance sneakers on his feet, creating a good balance of elegance, casualness, and activity. By the way, if you are looking for polo shirts with the same atmosphere as in the above snapshot, JOHN SMEDLEY and N.PEAL are the best choices.

Example of a good-looking summer coordinate (3)Dark colors and trendy coordinates are made into a summer look by layering white T-shirts

Many Pitti Womo attendees, as well as the OTOKOMAE editorial staff, have taken note of his style and have been inspired by it. He showed us a drop-shoulder black black T-shirt, loose-fitting cargo pants, and the ever-popular Birkenstock Boston. The loose-fitting clothes look great on his tall frame, which is toned from playing beach volleyball.

Editor Mitsui
Although this is a dark-color-dominated coordinate, it is cleverly lightened up by layering a white T-shirt as an inner layer. At first glance, it may look as if it is just worn casually, but in fact, the combination seems to have been calculated so that the white T-shirt exposes just the right amount of area from the neck and hem.

Example of a good-looking summer coordinate (4)PRADA's overwhelmingly popular full-body shorts style

Among luxury brands, PRADA is currently the overwhelmingly popular brand. We caught a man at Milan Fashion Week wearing a full-body outfit by this hot brand. He is wearing a nylon open-collar shirt, cargo shorts, and leather sneakers, all in navy, with a white T-shirt as an inner layer to create a relaxed look.

Editor Mitsui
All of the items created by the tag team of Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada are highly finished and are recommended to be taken in on their own. Incidentally, PRADA’s Re-Nylon short-sleeved shirt, which was almost sold out last year, is still on sale this season, so this is a good chance for those who missed it. By the way, it is a very oversized design, and I am 178 cm tall and 68 kg, but the size S is a little oversized. The body width is wide, but the length is short, so it is well-balanced even if it is oversized.

Example of good-looking summer coordination (5)Styling with blue color matching between wear and sunglasses

Sunglasses are a classic summer item. While we tend to focus on the color and design of the frames, the color of the lenses is also important in creating a summer coordinate. The man in the snapshot below has chosen sunglasses with blue gradation lenses to match his blue short-sleeved shirt, creating a coordinated look that does not look out of place.

Editor Mitsui
It is important to be aware of matching the color of your wear in choosing sunglasses. If your wardrobe is mostly blue or navy in color, it would be easier to use sunglasses with blue lenses, and if your wardrobe is mostly monotone, it would be easier to use sunglasses with gray or black lenses. Only brown lenses are surprisingly easy to match with any color of clothing, especially since they blend in with wheatish tanned skin.

Example of a good-looking summer coordinate (6)An all-black coordinate with a black T-shirt that shows a gradation of material

While an all-black coordinate is hard to make a big mistake, it can also be boring and lacks a stylish feel. The man below, who coordinated a tight smooth-knit T-shirt, straight silhouette black jeans, and bit loafers in black, cleverly creates a cozy look with different materials and a paisley neckerchief around his neck.

Editor Mitsui
The muscles in the chest plate, back, shoulders, and upper arms are well-developed, making this kind of tight T-shirt style even more flattering.

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