What are “Washi Tops” that elevate summer coordinates to a W-cool level?


What are "Washi Tops" that elevate summer coordinates to a W-cool level?

What is important when considering summer coordination is ” coolness” and “coolness. To achieve both, you should aim for tops like this one, which not only have a sophisticated design, but also are made of washi, a material with a dry touch, deodorant and breathability, and excellent water absorption and breathability.

Washi Cotton Yarns & Japanese Knits

In the past few years, the apparel market has seen the development of chemical fiber materials with superior functionality, while at the same time, there has been an increased focus on the inherent functionality of natural fibers. Wool T-shirts, linen sports shirts, strong cotton summer knits, etc…. Among these, I would like to recommend the use of “washi” paper this season for its freshness. Washi is known as a material that is sometimes called “Japanese linen” because it has functions such as deodorant, water absorption, quick-drying, antibacterial, and deodorant. The summer tops incorporating washi have the crisp feel of linen, but with a gentle, luxurious texture that is comfortable for everyday use. If incorporated, they will elevate your coordination to an intelligent and cool impression.

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The tops using washi cotton yarn introduced here are a knit polo shirt and aknit vest. Both are high quality Japanese-made products, knitted and sewn at a long-established specialized knit factory in Yamagata, using Mino washi yarn, which has a tradition of over 1,300 years, and finished with a sophisticated design.

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Enjoy the luxurious feel and dry touch of ” Mino Washi

As introduced above, Japanese paper is said to be lightweight, deodorant, water absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable among natural materials. Among such washi, ” Mino washi ” has been produced since the Nara period (710-794), and in addition to being recognized as a traditional craft, it is a material with a long history of tradition and is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Thinner and more even than other washi, it has a soft and delicate texture, as well as strong durability.

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The knitwear introduced here has a different expression on the front and back sides of the washi when it is made into a fabric. This gives it a cool, dry touch appropriate for summer, and while it has a wealth of functional benefits, it stands out for its luxurious texture, which is different from sporty deer or 100% polyester fabrics.

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From the next section, we focus on the appeal of each ” Knit Polo Shirts ” and ” Knit Vests “!

Here is the charm of the polo shirt!

The knit polo shirt has a buttonless collar design that accentuates the sophisticated impression. The shallow front placket is designed to prevent visibility even when layered with functional innerwear. The top of the shirt is narrower than most polo shirts in order to create a neck area that feels as if it is snug around the neck. While the chest area is open, the neck is not loose, giving the impression of being sloppy.

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Also note the ” mature silhouette with just the right amount of room that does not pick up the lines of the body. The shoulder and body widths are 2~3 cm wider than the just-fit knit polo shirts offered by men’s wear manufacturers. The shoulders are also sloped so that it does not feel uncomfortable even when worn a size up. The sleeve and neck widths have been made to look compact in relation to the wider shoulder and body widths. By making fine adjustments while observing the overall balance, we were able to create a garment that fits everything from slim tapers to loose silhouette pants.

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Here is the charm of knit vests!Wide V-neck for flexible layering is the key to dressing

The knit vest has a wide V-neck collar that fits from T-shirts to collared shirts, the main tops of summer. It can be easily styled by simply matching it with your usual T-shirts and shirts. Also, by designing the shoulder width and AH (armhole) wider, it is easy to wear over shirts and oversized T-shirts. The unique crisp texture of washi knitwear blends well with washed jersey-knit T-shirts as well as fabrics with a refined look and feel.

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