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Men’s Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.3


Men's Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.3

From among the tens of thousands of snaps taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial staff, I have carefully selected outfits that I think are particularly cool and will explain the key points of these outfits.

Example of a good-looking summer coordinate 12A simple coordinate with a gray gradient that appeals with a knit T-shirt

Normcore style is the ultimate in ordinary dressing, but instead of being “an ordinary person dressed in an ordinary way,” you want to be “an ordinary person dressed in an ordinary way. We want to be “a stylish person. There are several possible methods to achieve this, but we have picked up snaps of men who practice a stylish normcore style by the elements of “choosing pants in trendy silhouettes” and “gradation of items in the same color with different material textures.

Editor Mitsui
These days, there is a sense that pants with a straight silhouette in width from the knee to the hem have become the mainstream. And as for the length, a slightly longer one-cushion length is particularly ima-like. By choosing this kind of bottom, you can get closer to a style that looks on-trend, no matter whether your top is just right or oversized.

Cool Summer Coordinate Case 13Highly Sensitive Style with Cool Items

In summer style, in addition to choosing clothes based on the comfort you feel when wearing them, choosing clothes and shoes that give the impression of coolness to others is another perspective. In summer style, in addition to choosing clothing that is comfortable to wear, another perspective is to choose clothing and shoes that give the impression of coolness to others. We picked up a snapshot of a man wearing a white tank top layered over a lacy, transparent knit shirt, tailor-made chino shorts without a belt, and espadrilles with an innovative design on his feet. The outfit is a perfect illustration of the aforementioned point of view.

Editor Mitsui
Pearl necklaces are slowly gaining popularity as a trendy item among men with high fashion sensitivity, especially those who are inclined toward a genderless style or have a genderless image of their face or body. Although many men may be reluctant to wear pearl necklaces, those who are not should definitely consider wearing them. TASAKI, a major jewelry company, offers a men’s line, so if you are interested, please check it out.

Cool Summer Coordinate Example 14Wrap your shirt around your waist to add an accent to your outfit!

In summer coordination, the number of items to be incorporated is reduced, which inevitably leads to the feeling that “the outfit is a little lacking…” [/speech_bubble]


In summer, it is basically hot from morning to night, but a long-sleeved shirt wrapped around the waist is convenient for quickly putting on when you go to an air-conditioned room off schedule. I personally recommend linen shirts, durable chambray shirts, and wrinkle-resistant oxford shirts, as these shirts tend to have a wrinkled appearance.[/speech_bubble]

Cool Summer Codes Example 15Incorporate sandals & socks to reach a cozy style

Sandals on bare feet are great, but I urge you to consider matching socks. The man below is wearing a pair of Keen’s classic UNEEK sandals with white socks. The clean casual style with a relaxed feel gives a more sporty impression. The white socks make the braided cords stand out, and the stylish presence of the feet is heightened. The addition of socks also expands the range of uses for the sandals, not only in midsummer, but also in early spring and early fall.

Editor Mitsui
In addition to KEEN, which I mentioned above, Teva,SUICOKE, and Birkenstock also offer socks with sandals. PRADA’s Monolith series rubber sandals, which I often introduce, also go very well with socks, and I basically wear them with socks instead of bare feet.

Cool Summer Coordinate Example 16Breaking through the boredom of the popular set-up style with a seasonal silhouette and seasonal sneakers

The so-called set-up suit, which has quickly spread throughout the world along with the wave of casualization of business styles, is the The style that has quickly spread along with the casualization of business style is the so-called “set-up suit” with a T-shirt and sneakers. While this style has a reasonable appearance when coordinated with simple items, its greatest disadvantage is that it tends to fall into the category of “lack of individuality. In such a case, we recommend updating the suit to a slightly looser fit and adding trendy sneakers to the feet, as the man in the snapshot below does.

Editor Mitsui
In addition to the Adidas Samba that the man in the bottom snap is choosing, Gazelle andHandball Spezial are trendy and easy to match with a set-up suit ◎ I personally recommend Autry sneakers, which are slowly gaining popularity.

Cool Summer Coordinate Case 17Mastering the tuck-in technique freely used by fashion experts and professionals

For example, when considering purchasing a T-shirt, you may think, “I want to wear a T-shirt with drop shoulders, so size L looks good. But the length is too long. I like the print design and material, so I want to buy it…” Have you ever had such a situation? In this kind of situation, a fashion-savvy expert can easily find a way out by thinking, “I’ll wear it with thicker pants, like Balenciaga,” or “I’ll tuck it in and adjust the length. Tucking in is also an effective way to make the most of the clothes you have on hand, so we encourage you to try it out.

Editor Mitsui
There are tuck-ins where the hem of the t-shirt is tucked 360° into the pants, half tuck-ins where only the left half is tucked into the pants, or tucking in a little in the height direction and covering the excess with the pants. If used wisely, depending on the top and style, the range of outfits can be expanded dramatically. Please check out the article below for more details on tucking in. Tucked-in Coordinates!What’s the difference between someone who tucks in and someone who looks stylish?

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