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Men’s Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.4


Men's Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.4

It is no exaggeration to say that the best way to achieve a cool summer coordinate is to follow a good example. In this issue, out of the tens of thousands of snaps taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial department, I have carefully selected black-and-white monotone outfits that I think are particularly cool, and will explain the key points of these outfits.

Cool Summer Coordinate Case 18Monotone Style with Layered White T-Shirt & Cotton Vest

Layering cut-and-sew and V-neck knitwear has become a popular trend recently. The combination of a crew-neck T-shirt and a cotton V-neck knit is the most popular way to incorporate this into a summer style. The man in the snapshot below wears black chinos and a pair of Converse All Star Hi in a monotone color combination, which is an impressive and sophisticated styling. He chose an onyx ring to tie in with the black and white outfit, showing that attention has been paid to every detail.

Editor Mitsui
We recommend choosing a V-neck vest with wide armholes designed to accommodate oversized T-shirts and shirts. For example, GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ Washi cotton knit vest “WILLY ” not only has larger armholes, but also has the advantage of being “water absorbent,” “quick drying,” and “breathable.”

Good-looking summer coordinate example 19A monochrome coordinate featuring a wide striped top that is gaining in popularity

The wide striped pattern used in rugger shirts and other items is slowly gaining support. The man in the snapshot below is wearing white jeans and KEEN’s UNEEK shoes on his feet, embodying a loose-fitting style. He has elevated his stylish look by adding a wallet chain and orange neck accessories from YOSHI HANDMADE.

Editor Mitsui
The UNEEK, with its upper made up of two braided cords, is one of KEEN’s most famous models, and although its popularity has been quiet since it became quite popular seven or eight years ago, it is slowly gaining attention again, as 2024 marks the UNEEK’s 10th anniversary.

Cool Summer Coordinate Example 20Even a loud patterned shirt can be easily coordinated in monotone!

Aloha shirts andbowling shirts are classic men’s items that add accents to outfits with high-impact patterns and colors. Patterned shirts with many colors are attractive, but to wear them stylishly, you need to have the right atmosphere and a good sense of coordination and skill. On the other hand, a monotone botanical patterned shirt like the one worn by the man in the middle of the snapshot below will look great without standing out among the rest of the outfits. On his wrist, he wears a CASIO A158, a so-called cheap Casio. Sometimes, a choice like this is good.

Editor Mitsui
One of the men’s trending words in casual style this season is “shirt.” There is a particular focus on styles in which the shirt is not worn alone, but layered with a T-shirt or tank top inside.

Cool Summer Coordinate Case 21For street style, use beautiful solid color items as the main item and black and white colors for a mature look!

We caught a man strutting around in a cool adult street style, which is coordinated in black and white with an oversized shirt, tank top, and Rick Owens shorts that also feature a long drawcord. He was wearing black and white Rick Owens shorts with drawcords. On his feet, he is wearing NEW BALANCE MR530 with white short socks. This style suits his tanned skin and muscular body. By the way, if you don’t like tank tops, a round-neck T-shirt with a wide top is recommended.

Editor Mitsui
Street style is also a popular category for teenagers, which can make adults feel young and childish if they adopt it. It is easier to achieve an adult look by incorporating plain colors or printed items that do not make a strong statement into your coordinate. Rather than mixing and matching colors, I think it is easier to approach a sophisticated style by narrowing down the number of colors, such as black and white, black and gray, or navy and white.

Cool Summer Coordinate Case 22Elevate a simple white t-shirt & black pants coordinate with accessories and leather accessories!

We caught a man at Milan Fashion Week wearing a simple, just-fitting white T-shirt, straight silhouette black cotton pants, and loafers on his feet. The gold necklace around his neck, leather mesh belt, and Rolex Datejust on his wrist add a sense of richness and stylishness to his outfit.

Editor Mitsui
If you want to wear a mesh belt hanging down like the style below, you may be surprised to find that the only ones you can find are not long enough. GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ mesh belts are available in two variations, 115 cm and 125 cm, making the lineup perfect for hanging down. I personally use this belt, and when I wear it when I go shopping at luxury brands and select stores, I am often asked by the staff, “That mesh belt looks cool. I am often asked by staff members when I wear it when shopping at luxury brands and select shops.

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