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Men’s Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.2


Men's Summer Coordinate: Latest Snapshots & Key Points Vol.2

It is no exaggeration to say that the best way to achieve a cool summer look is to follow a good example, and from the tens of thousands of snaps taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial staff, I have carefully selected outfits that I think are particularly cool and will explain the key points of these outfits.

Examples of good-looking summer coordination (7)Sometimes, you can broaden the range of your outfits by incorporating light-colored items

Light-colored coordination combining pastel colors and pale-toned items is a staple of spring and summer style for both men and women. It is characterized by its ability to create a soft and gentle atmosphere, which is not the case with a coordinate consisting of bright and clear-colored items. The man in the snapshot below came before us wearing a slightly oversized white T-shirt, light gray cargo pants, and a pair of pastel-colored Nike Air Max 1s on his feet. The masculine beard and Barbour-style haircut contrasted nicely with the feminine-inspired color combination, which was impressive.

Editor Mitsui
He chose sunglasses with clear frames and pale blue lenses to match his pale-toned wear. It may seem trivial, but in fact, I think the detailed attention to these points is a major factor leading to the impression of sophistication.

Example of a good-looking summer coordination (8)A refreshing white shirt and jeans style with a modern update

If you are looking for a crisp coordination with a masculine image this summer, you can wear olive green pants and If you are looking for a crisp, masculine look this summer, consider a combination of olive green pants and a black or navy top. The man in the snapshot below is wearing a pair of sneakers with green uppers and black parts to match the color scheme of his pants. I’m sure it would look great on you.

Editor Mitsui
A combination of navy and olive green has become a staple, especially among men’s fashion industry professionals in Europe. The man in the snapshot below is wearing a black T-shirt, but if you want to go for a more European-inspired color combination, we recommend going a bit further and choosing a navy T-shirt with high saturation and brightness.

Example of a good looking summer coordinate ⑨Black items lead to the refinement of a man's main white coordinate!

Pick up a white main coordinate with a white T-shirt and white jeans. The appeal of white items is that they produce a sense of freshness and cleanliness, but on the other hand, too much use of white items can give the impression of being too slow. In such cases, as in the man in the snapshot below, black items can be scattered in various places, such as a black cap, black paisley neckerchief, black leather belt, and the black checkered flag pattern on the classic Vans slip-ons, to make the coordination look crisp and tight. To avoid blurring the border between the top and pants, tuck in the top and wrap the mesh belt around it.

関連記事 You can wrap it in any way you like, or let it hang down to show off your style.
Mesh belts are fashionable and add an accent to the waist, and one of the best parts of mesh belts is that they can be ...
Editor Mitsui
If you want to incorporate black as a point of reference in a white-centric coordinate, I personally recommend a black bracelet/strap watch, sunglasses with black frames or black lenses, black leather bracelets, or even a black shirt wrapped around the waist.

Example of a good-looking summer coordinate (10)I sense a renewed boom among adult men! The neo-normcore style is a cool way to wear classic and royal items in seasonal sizes.

The ultimate normal style, combining basic clothing and fashion accessories with simple designs in simple shades, is a style that was all the rage around 2014. It is the normcore style that became very popular around 2014. Although not as popular as it was back then, it seems to be quietly making waves again among fashionable adult men. Daniele Biagioli, who has a keen sense for catching trends and incorporating them into his own style, appeared before us in a model of normcore style, wearing monotone colors and slightly oversized items that are in season.

Editor Mitsui
The combination of a slightly oversized shirt, a simple white T-shirt, slightly loose wide-leg pants, and New Balance gray sneakers is truly neo-normcore. With a Rolex Submariner, a timeless classic watch, on hand, there are no blind spots in the choice of accessories.

Good-looking summer coordinate example 11Striped tops full of charm

Striped tops were first popularized as workwear for fishermen in the Basque region of France, later adopted by the French Navy, and became popular in the 1920s in the south. They were popular as resort wear in the south of France in the 1920s, and Pablo Picasso was a great admirer of them. We caught a man wearing a striped top with dropped shoulders, white pants, and Birkenstock Boston shoes. The man’s outfit is effortless and relaxed, yet somehow stylish. Men who want to add a French, marine, or artistic touch to their summer outfits should definitely consider wearing border tops.

Editor Mitsui
As a side note, the English word “border” is not used for patterns, but “Horizontal Stripe” is used.

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