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Men’s Summer Coordinate [ Pitti Uomo 106, Vol. 1


Men's Summer Coordinate [ Pitti Uomo 106, Vol. 1

Pitti Uomo, the world’s largest men’s fashion trade show, is a major event where buyers, designers, influencers, and fashion journalists gather from all over the world. Here are some of the latest snapshots taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial department, which I thought were especially cool and useful for summer outfits.

Latest Pitti Uomo Snap 1 as a reference for summer coordination

A slightly oversized off-white linen shirt paired with loose navy pants and sneakers. This is a trendy silhouette, so please use it as a reference when creating this kind of style. The man in the snap below is wearing the shirt bare-chested and open to the third button, but it would be easier to incorporate a tank top,round-neck T-shirt, or V-neck T-shirt with a wide chest opening as an inner layer.

Editor Mitsui
The silhouette is very trendy, but the choice of beautiful items such as a linen long-sleeved shirt and slacks makes it a perfect style for grown-up men.

The latest Pitti Uomo Snap 2 for your summer outfitsAzzurro e Marrone in a different light

One color combination in particular that Italian men love is ” blue and brown”. This is commonly known in the men’s fashion industry as ” azzurro e marrone. Incidentally, this phrase means “sky blue and chestnut brown” in Italian. The man in the snapshot below is wearing turquoise blue pants, which are a bit greener than the so-called blue, with browns, giving a slightly different nuance to his outfit and looking very cool.

Editor Mitsui
Another key to the sophisticated look is the shrewd choice of blue for the lens color of the sunglasses to match the color scheme of the pants.

Latest Pitti Uomo Snap 3 for your summer coordinationUrban casual style with relaxed shoulders

A loose style combining a pile open collar shirt, jeans, Birkenstock’s famous Arizona sandals, and a low cap with a shallow top. The style is a loose-fitting combination of white and blue. The white and blue color scheme and the pile top give the impression of coolness.

Editor Mitsui
The style is basic without being eccentric, but by choosing tops made of pile fabric and other materials unique to summer, the styling incorporates a sense of the season.

Pitti Uomo Snap 4 for Summer CodesVANS Authentic gives a clean look with a touch of sophistication!

Catch a man styled with Vans Aut hentic for a playful take on a clean look with a black open collar shirt, white crew neck T-shirt, and chinos. While it is good to wear beautiful shoes such as loafers and leather sandals, it is also good to broaden the range of your coordinate by sometimes adding this kind of hazing to your look.

Editor Mitsui
The Vans Authentic is a timeless classic model, but it is always worn by more than a certain number of men at Pitti, partly because it can be worn with a surprisingly clean style.

Pitti Uomo Snap 5 for Summer CodesAdidas T-Toe Sneakers Still a Strong Favorite

The Adidas Originals Samba and Gazelle are currently enjoying explosive popularity, especially among Gen Z fashion freaks, The three major models are the Samba, Gazelle, and Handball Spezial models of adidas Originals. There were a few people wearing them at Pitti Uomo this time. If you haven’t already, why not consider wearing them this summer?

Editor Mitsui
All three major models are trending to wear with loose pants like the man in the snap below.

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