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Men’s Summer Coordinate [ Pitti Uomo 106, Vol. 2


Men's Summer Coordinate [ Pitti Uomo 106, Vol. 2

Pitti Uomo, the world’s largest men’s fashion trade show, is a major event where buyers, designers, influencers, and fashion journalists gather from all over the world. Here are some of the latest snapshots taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial department, which I thought were especially cool and useful for summer coordination.

Latest Pitti Uomo Snap 7

Catch a man exuding elegance by combining a black T-shirt in smooth-knit cotton, thin white pants, and thick-soled coin loafers. He also keeps it simple with bracelets,eyewear, and even his choice of watch.

Editor Mitsui
Because the coordination is so simple, the choice of items, size, and small adjustments to the outfit can really show off a man’s sense of style. In the case of the man in the snapshot below, the slightly oversized T-shirt, the way the top stacks in, and the waist position of the pants all combine to create a sophisticated outfit.

The latest Pitti Uomo Snap 8 for your summer coordination referenceThis color of the Nike Dunk Low is by far the most versatile!

The ” Nike Dunk Low Retro ” is sold not only in sneaker stores in Japan, but also in popular select shops. The “Nike Dunk Low Retro” is a popular model that is often seen being carried at select stores as well as sneaker shops in Japan. While the design is simple and never boring, the advantage is that it can add a bit of street style to your outfits. The man in the snapshot below wears a white T-shirt and light gray pants, which is a beautiful choice, but with these sneakers on his feet, he has a slightly playful approach to his styling.

Editor Mitsui
The model has become popular among women as well as men in Japan. Many select stores in the Harajuku, Shibuya, and Omotesando areas really carry them. The white/white/black color in particular is highly versatile and can be worn with great frequency.

Latest Pitti Uomo Snap 9 for Summer CodesAn exemplary cord that adds a mature look to a slightly naughty shorts cord!

Shorts are the bottoms you want to incorporate in the hot summer months. While we sometimes want to wear them in a street style, there are many adult men who feel awkward to coordinate them in a street style like teenagers… I’m sure there are a lot of grown men who want to wear these jeans with a street style flair. The men’s outfits in the snapshots below will give you a hint. He boldly wears a black T-shirt, black shorts, and white socks, all in solid colors. For his feet, he chose Autry’s Medalist shoes instead of Nike’s standard footwear.

Editor Mitsui
While there is a coolness unique to clothing with high-impact prints and logos, it is also true that as people get older, they are less likely to actively choose them. It is also a good idea to combine plain clothes like the man in the snapshot below to create both a street style and an adult look.

Latest Pitti Uomo Snapshot 10The classic knit polo shirt and slacks coordinate. The key to sophistication lies in the silhouette of the slacks!

The short-sleeved knit polo shirt and slacks with leather shoes or leather sandals on the feet is a classic summer style for adult men. While it can create a mature and beautiful look without thinking about it, many men may want to add a trendy and sophisticated look to their outfits. For such men, we recommend paying attention to the silhouette and length of the slacks. Right now, the most popular slacks are those with a straight silhouette like the men in the snap below, and a slightly longer, one-cushion length.

Editor Mitsui
As many people imagine, dresswear differs from so-called mode wear and street wear, and it can be said that there is no major deviation from established styles and styles. However, it is not completely unchanged with the flow of the times, and it will certainly change. It is no exaggeration to say that the style that sensitively perceives the slightest change and naturally adopts it is chic itself.

Latest Pitti Uomo Snap 11Will there be a whirlwind of flashy patterned shirts? The key to successful dressing is to control the number of colors!

Patterned shirts were seen in large numbers at Pitti this time. Especially at Pitti this time, quite flashy shirts were seen. However, while the patterns themselves had impact, they were mainly in similar colors, had a small number of colors, or were in the same tone of color. In terms of coordination, the mainstream style is to control the number of colors in the overall coordination, for example, by picking up the color of the shirt and wearing it with the bottom. The man in the snapshot below has succeeded in approaching a harmonious style by incorporating the shirt’s color with black baker pants and green socks.

Editor Mitsui
In addition to cotton-based shirts, the number of people wearing shirts made of soft, terrorem materials such as silk and rayon, which are also proposed by popular luxury brands, has been increasing recently.

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