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The latest coordinates, tips, and featured items for baseball caps!


The latest coordinates, tips, and featured items for baseball caps!

Baseball caps function as an active styling accent or a “hazing” item, and in summer they are also useful as a UV-protection item when going out and as a heatstroke-prevention item. Many high fashion brands and street brands that lead the trend have introduced the cap as an accessory with a sophisticated look, and its presence as a fashion item has been increasing more and more in recent years. In this issue, we focus on the “baseball cap” and introduce styling tips, men’s coordination from overseas that can be used as a reference, and recommended items from popular brands!

Baseball caps took the world by storm as the “Brooklyn style

The baseball cap is said to have originated as a long-brimmed hat with a round top and buttons, worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in the U.S. around 1860. In the 1940s, latex rubber was used as an inner reinforcement, which became the prototype for today’s baseball caps. The image below is a team photo of the Chicago White Sox taken in 1901.

CHICAGO – 1906. photo by AFLO

Baseball caps are headgear that can be used as an active accent to create a sophisticated look.

Increasing presence as a fashion item Among headgear, baseball caps are a street staple, especially for their active accent and stylish look. It is also useful as a “hazing” item for dress or mode wear, and shows its potential to refresh an impression at once while controlling the sense of style.

Baseball Cap Wearing Points (1)Basically, choose an item that matches the color of the cap

Regardless of whether it is for dress or casual wear, if you want to blend a cap into your coordinate, it is a common technique to use an item that matches the cap’s color. It is always a good idea to use an item that matches the color of the cap. Of course, the higher the share of items of the same color as the cap in the coordination, the more unified the look will be. However, just putting together tops that are closest to the baseball cap in the same color will be enough to ensure the unity of the coordination.

Baseball Cap Wearing Points (2)While keeping it cool in all-black, add a light touch with a black baseball cap

While keeping it cool in all-black, adding a light touch with a black baseball cap is also a technique in which the fashionable people of today are known to wear. It is also a signature style of the fashionable people of today. Because baseball caps have the potential to suppress a sense of chicness, the coolness of the black coordinate is maintained while the athleisure nuance of the light “hazing” gives the baseball cap a “casual” look. The cap gives you a “casual look” that only a baseball cap can give you.

Baseball Cap Wearing Points (3)Pairing with sunglasses to create a unique look

Sunglasses, which are essential for protection against ultraviolet rays when going outside, go great with baseball caps. Especially in midsummer, when the sun is strong, the pairing of sunglasses and baseball caps is comfortable and the styling is simple due to the heat, making it a great way to express your individuality.

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OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “baseball caps” that we recommend to our readers, based on information we have gathered from exhibitions of hot brands, interviews at leading select stores, and fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended Models of Brands Offering Baseball Caps (1)NEW ERA's 9FORTY Baseball Cap

NEW YORK YANKEES, the most popular standard, New York Yankees with NY logo embroidery Ella’s 9FORTY series 6 panel cap. The solid front panel with a core and the curved visor with a bent brim give it a slightly deeper feel.

Find NEW ERA baseball caps.

Recommended models of brands that offer baseball caps (2)'47's '47 CLEAN UP

Among 47Brand, “Vintage-like wash, a sense of cozy The “47 CLEAN UP” is a classic item that is popular for its “vintage-like wash, relaxed look,” folded visor, and slightly shallow classic style. The small logo on the front side and “47” embroidery on the side are impressive, and the classic details such as the shallow, curved visor are perfect for casual street fashion.

Find ’47 baseball caps.

Recommended models of brands offering baseball caps (3) THE NORTH FACE's VT GORE-TEX CAP

The North Face’s GORE-TEX® PRODUCTS material, a waterproof and breathable The North Face’s waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® PRODUCTS material is used to make this cap waterproof and breathable. 13mm wide seam sealing improves waterproofness and the long rounded brim reduces rain blow-in and keeps its shape even when wet.

Find THE NORTH FACE baseball caps.

The ” Y-3 LOGO CAP” has a simple design that uses some recycled material. The crown has eyelets for ventilation, and the monochrome design is accented with a large Y-3 logo on the front.

Find Y-3 baseball caps.

Recommended models of brands that offer baseball caps (5)BALENCIAGA Classic Baseball Cap with Balenciaga Logo Embroidery

Balenciaga logo embroidery in resistant organic cotton material. Classic baseball cap with Balenciaga logo embroidery. This baseball cap is extremely popular among highly fashionable fashionistas and is perfect for those who are looking for a black cap to add a touch of modesty to their styling.

Find BALENCIAGA baseball caps.

Recommended models of brands offering baseball caps (6)PRADA's Re-Nylon Baseball Cap

Prada baseball cap with the iconic enamel metal triangle logo. This ethically conscious item is made from Re-Nylon, a recycled nylon yarn made by reusing and purifying plastic, fishing nets and fibers recovered from the ocean.

Find PRADA Baseball Caps

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