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[“Drizzler Jackets”] Focusing on the masterpiece short-length outerwear created by McGregor of the U.S.


["Drizzler Jackets"] Focusing on the masterpiece short-length outerwear created by McGregor of the U.S.

The “drizzle jacket” is not so familiar to Japanese people. In Japan, it is called by other names, which are Japanese-English words, and many people will recognize it when they hear it.

Even if you are not familiar with the name “drizzler jacket,” you have probably heard the name “swing top” at least once. The term “swing top” is a Japanese word that was coined by Kensuke Ishizu, the founder of the Japanese brand “VAN,” when he brought this type of jacket to Japan. The word “swing” is said to be derived from “golf swing” since the original drizzler jacket was a golf jacket. This is how the name “swing top” came to be used in Japan as a generic term for this type of jacket.

The key to the “Drizzler jacket” is the short-length “Drizzler” outerwear of the American fashion brand “McGREGOR. When it was first introduced in 1945, it was named “Scottish Drizzler” because of its roots in British-made items.

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By the way, “Harrington Jacket” is another name for a jacket with a similar design. The “G” in “G9” is taken from the first letter of “GOLF”. Both are golf jackets, and in Japan they are collectively called swing tops.

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Meaning of “drizzler

The word “drizzler” comes from the English word “drizzle,” which means a light drizzle. In other words, it is an outdoor outerwear designed to be worn in light rain.

McGregor's jackets have a strong presence in movies and TV dramas.The item became popular in Japan after David Jansen wore it in the U.S. drama ' The Fugitive'!

The TV drama ”The Fugitive,” which aired from 1963 to 1967 on the ABC network in the United States, garnered high viewership ratings. David Jansen, who played the lead role, wore a MacGregor Drizzler jacket as his costume in the drama, which became popular in Japan after the Japanese version was aired.

When I think of McGregor, I also think of James Dean in ‘ Rebel Without a Cause.

In Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean wore a MacGregor anti-freeze jacket with his Lee jeans. Many people may immediately think of James Dean in the bright red jacket. Although this jacket is a different model from Drizzler’s, the similarity in design led some to believe at the time that “the red jacket James Dean was wearing was Drizzler’s.” Incidentally, it is known that the supporting male member of the delinquent group in the film was wearing a Drizzler jacket, not an anti-freeze jacket.

The collar area can be called the “face” of the jacket, The collar, the “face” of the jacket, is designed low with a small stainless collar. The low line design along the base of the neck creates the distinctive face of the Drizler Jacket.

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This collar can be arranged into a stand collar with a chin strap, which not only changes the impression but also has a functional aspect as a wind shield. When the collar is down, it can be tucked behind the collar with the adjustable button.

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McGregor 'Drizzler Jacket' features (2)Double-stitched 'waist pockets' with rounded lines for increased presence

The large pocket placed at the waist looks as if it has a lid over the mouth with a reverse ball-rim pocket. And by surrounding it with a large double stitch, it is designed to look like a patch pocket with a strong presence. The stitches have a rounded line without a cupped edge, keeping a casual taste.

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MacGregor 'Drizzler Jacket' Features (3)Zip MacGregor 'Double Zipper' with MacGregor Emblem Charm

The front has a double zipper design that opens both up and down, and the zip head has MacGregor’s original emblem A charm is attached to the zip head. It is a small detail, but its presence is outstanding. In this day and age of many similar products, this jacket proves to be an original drizzle jacket.

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Various select stores offer McGREGOR’s drizzler jackets as special-order items, and the materials and other characteristics differ depending on the model. Please check out the brand’s official website for a detailed explanation of the features of the original models.

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