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Leather jackets to use in spring coordinates: 6 latest men’s models


Leather jackets to use in spring coordinates: 6 latest men's models

Leather jackets are not only useful in the fall and winter, but also in the spring, and it is fun to choose items unique to spring, such as swing-top types as well as riders, which are often designed to be lightweight. In this issue, we introduce six carefully selected leather outerwear items to wear in spring!

Which leather jacket should I choose for spring?

Leather jackets are not only useful in the fall and winter, but also in the spring season. While the rider’s type is the most popular, golf jacket-type designs such as swing tops and Harrington jackets, as worn in the snap below, that are light and easy to wear are also a good target for spring. Leather jackets are generally short in length, and since they fall into the category of short-length jackets that are gaining popularity these days, they are ideal for expressing a seasonal look, and can be worn casually over a T-shirt with wide silhouette pants to create a modern, fashionable look. If you only want to wear it in spring, it is better to use a thin, unlined leather, but if you want to wear it in fall and winter as well, it is possible to wear it in spring with a T-shirt, even if it is thick enough.

Editor Izumi
I have the impression that the percentage of suede in leather jacket development in spring will increase in each brand, but personally, I feel comfortable with the texture of smooth leather when it comes to leather jackets, so I will choose that for spring as well. However, some smooth leather jackets have a quilted lining with padding, so if you wear it in spring, you will sweat a lot…. Basically, the correct way to wear a smooth leather jacket in spring season is to wear a T-shirt, a light knit or a dry sweatshirt item as an inner layer, and then put a light leather jacket over it.

Next, 6 leather jackets to wear this spring A selection of the best of the best!

Leather Jackets for Spring Codes (1)AMI Paris Zip Leather Jackets

AMI Paris has an appealing sense of balance between the relaxed and stylish atmosphere typical of French brands and the essence of trends in a perfect proportion. From this brand, we picked up a leather jacket with an elegant shirt-like collar. The loose silhouette is just right, and the short blouson length with a tightened and crisp hem captures the current mood exquisitely, with AMI Paris’ unique sense of style shining through. For those who are not fond of leather jackets because of their hard image, why not choose this classy design?

Editor Izumi
AMI Paris is a brand that I personally really like, and I look forward to seeing their new collection every season. The brand is gaining popularity for its relaxed silhouettes and unpretentious designs, and I think this leather jacket is packed with that kind of AMI Paris style. I especially recommend this jacket to those who want to wear leather outerwear that is not as stiff as a rider’s jacket, but has a light feeling like wearing a shirt jacket or a swing top!

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Leather jacket to use for spring coordinate②JAMES GROSE DOVER

JAMES GROSE is the oldest leather wear brand in England. It is this single type “Dover” that is increasing in popularity recently. Single riders are basically simple in design, but this model has an appealing minimalist design with most of the decorations stripped away. The minimalist design, with most of the decorations stripped away, is appealing. In the best sense of the word, the look is uniquely simple, making this jacket easy to wear for both fans and beginners of riders’ jackets.

Editor Izumi
The “normcore” style, which pursues the “ultimate normal,” has recently begun to attract attention again, and the term “neo-normcore” has emerged as a key phrase. It is available in four different materials: sheep, cow, horse, and cow suede, so you can choose the texture that you like best. If spring is your main season, it would be good to choose suede for a lighter look.

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Leather Jackets for Spring Codes (3)Schott LEATHER HANTEN

American leather wear, including riders’ jackets, is popular. Schott is an American brand that is popular for its leather wear, including riders’ jackets. The “Leather Hanten” is based on the “Hanten” worn in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868) as work clothes, and is made of leather in a modern style. The front can be closed with a string in the “Japanese style,” and it can be worn like a jacket or cardigan, making it the perfect leather outerwear for spring.

Editor Izumi
Japanese kimonos are rarely worn in Japan anymore, and there is an image of them being somewhat abnormal or cosplay-like to wear as street wear. However, when I was curious about it and actually tried it on at the exhibition, I found it to be surprisingly comfortable to wear. It is definitely off the high street, but if you want to stand out from the crowd with leather wear, I think it is a great option.

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Leather Jackets for Spring Codes (4)SANDRO Hooded Leather Jacket

A clever mix of modern and classic SANDRO is a Parisian brand that specializes in French style with a clever mix of modern and classic styles. The hoodie is a classic item for spring, but if you choose a leather jacket like this one, you will surely be able to achieve an original and unique look.

Editor Izumi
I myself usually wear sweatshirts often, but I don’t have colorful hoodies like this one, as most of them are high street. However, when I saw this SANDRO Hooded Leather Jacket, I frankly felt that it was ” very good “. It has a modern silhouette, authentic details such as drawcords, and the brand’s logo accent on the lower left side of the body. I think this jacket truly embodies the brand’s concept of a modern classic.

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Leather Jackets for Spring Codes (5)BARBA Suede Jackets

BARBA is famous for its dress shirts, but actually offers a surprisingly wide variation of light outerwear such as suede jackets. This time we introduce a swing-top suede jacket from its lineup. The light suede material and ribbed hem with a sporty feel match the light, spring-like image. The jacket can be worn with a brown leather belt for a more mature look.

Editor Izumi
When wearing this color jacket in spring, it is tempting to wear it with bright pants such as faded blue jeans as shown in the styling image for a light, spring-like look, but I personally like to wear it with black pants to enjoy the contrast of the dark tones. The color combination of black and brown has been considered taboo in classic styles, but it has been seen frequently at Pitti over the past few years as a modern style that has shattered this notion. The ribbed hem is light gray, so I don’t think this accentuates the look and keeps it from becoming too heavy.

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Leather Jacket for Spring Cordage (6)ARMA Suede Jacket

The leather brand ARMA started in 1985 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The brand’s technical skills are well-known. From ARMA comes this suede blouson. Brownish colors such as bright beige are popular and standard for spring suede jackets, but this navy color is also good because it looks unique. The navy color also has an elegant mood, so it can be used as an outerwear for a beautiful spring coordinate.

Editor Izumi
Leather jackets are basically black or brown, so these unusual colors naturally catch the eye. The navy color is a perfect match with the soft, high-quality lamb leather used by the leather brand and its classy material. It is a piece that should be worn with slacks with a center crease for a more mature look.

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