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[ 2024 ] How to choose a denim jacket today and the 5 latest models.


[ 2024 ] How to choose a denim jacket today and the 5 latest models.

Denim jackets, the king of spring wear, are a hot item right now, with short-length outerwear gaining popularity. In this issue, we introduce how to choose the best denim jackets to aim for in spring 2024 and pick up recommended models from each brand’s latest collection!

How to Choose a Denim Jacket for Spring 2024?

How to choose a denim jacket for 2024 (1)The silhouette is still based on oversized this year! The popular balance between short length and loose fit is only possible with denim jackets.

Denim jackets are a staple of spring outerwear that are rarely affected by trends, but when it comes to fitting choices, you need to match the trends of the time. The denim jacket is a staple for spring outerwear that is rarely affected by fashion trends. The oversized jackets that have become a major trend in recent years show no signs of going out of style, and if you are aiming for a modern look, it is fundamental to choose a design with a loose fitting this year as well. In addition, short-length outerwear is also popular at the same time this year. Denim jackets are often designed with oversized designs such as drop shoulders and wide fits, but in shorter lengths, and since they have multiple conditions that make them look modern, denim jackets are worthy of being a first choice for outerwear this spring.

How to choose a denim jacket in 2024 (2)

Perhaps because of the recent popularity of black jeans in the pants trend, the latest items at trade shows and on various e-commerce sites give the impression that there are more choices of black denim jackets than in previous years. Blue denim should of course be kept as a royal roadmap, but if you value the mode element, consider choosing a black denim jacket.

How to choose a denim jacket in 2024 (3)1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th types are also part of the selection criteria

Speaking of denim jackets, since Levi’s developed the 1st type in the late 19th century, each successive era saw the development of new types, from 2nd to 3rd to It does not mean that the design is old-fashioned because it is the 1st or 2nd type; for example, GUCCI andDior are developing denim jackets based on the 2nd type in their latest collections for the spring/summer of 2024. Incidentally, as for the classic design of these four types, the 1st and 2nd types have a box silhouette and loose-fitting characteristics, and it can be said that these two types are the ones that have a modern atmosphere. However, the 3rd type, which is considered the perfection of denim jackets, is the most common type in circulation today, and since each brand has modified it by adding modern designs, you should hardly be spoiled for choice no matter which type you choose.

Next, our editor Izumi presents five denim jackets carefully selected from the latest models this year!

2024 Latest Denim Jackets ①Levi's SILVERTAB ALL-IN TRUCKER JACKET

Levi’s “Silver Tab” collection started in 1985 and boomed in the 90s. 2018. The collection was regrettably discontinued in 2018, and was only distributed in the vintage clothing market for a while after that, but it was reissued in 2022, much anticipated by fans, and is now attracting attention as a collection that is once again gaining popularity among Levi’s customers. The collection focuses on loose-fit designs, which matches the oversized trend of the 90s and today. The denim jackets we picked up this time also have a loose fitting that fits the current mood.

Editor Izumi
Speaking of silver tabs, Levi’s loose-fitting collection of Levi’s was all the rage in the 1990s, when hip-hop and street culture was at its height. It was a line with a strong street culture flavor that was extremely popular among young people in Japan as rappers and skaters loved wearing it. I myself was not active at that time, but I remember buying a pair of jeans with silver tabs at a thrift store when I was around 20 years old and wearing them as a big pair. This denim jacket also has an appealing loose design, and I think it fits the current trend of oversized jeans that are becoming popular again after the return to the 90’s. The design is a mix of 2nd and 3rd type, and the pleat detail on the side of the front button and the vertical stitching extending from the chest pocket to the hem are fused together. The fusion of the pleat detail on the side of the front button and the vertical stitching extending from the breast pocket to the hem is a nice coexistence of classic and mode.

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2024 Latest Denim Jacket (2)MARANT Jango Denim Jacket

The brand has changed its name from ISABEL MARANT HOMME to “MARANT” for its men’s line from 2023. MARANT introduces a black mode denim jacket with slant pockets at the waist that evokes biker elements. The brand’s logo is embroidered on the back, and the fact that it is a logo, which is rare for a denim jacket, is also a point of interest. The leather patch detail casually attached to the back hem also serves as an accent.

Editor Izumi
Black denim jackets, perhaps because the color itself gives the impression of mode, are often designed in a similarly mode-like manner. Rather than classic designs that conform to the four types introduced above, some of them, such as this Jango by Marant, incorporate the brand’s own details and modernize them with logo designs. There are various designs proposed by Maran alone, so if you are interested, please check them out.

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2024 Latest Denim Jacket ③Acne Studios Extra Long Sleeve Denim Jacket

Acne Studios offers a long sleeve denim jacket that fits the adjective “loose” perfectly. Acne Studios introduces a long-sleeved denim jacket that is so loose that it hides more than half of your downed hand. It is characterized by sleeves that are long enough to cover more than half of the downed hand, and while many brands keep the sleeves and hem length just right even in oversized jackets, this is an item that stands out from the crowd. The unique vintage finish, which is more aptly described as “faded” by suntanning than “faded” by color, also stands out for its individuality with a color tone that is hard to find anywhere else. Denim-on-denim coordinates that would be difficult to pull off using the same tones can be contrasted with unusual colors to create a natural look, as shown in the styling image below.

Editor Izumi
Acne Studios is a brand that specializes in minimalist design and incorporating designs that have a certain quirkiness to them that appeals to the experts. I think this denim jacket reflects the Acne Studios style. If the sleeves are too long, it may look like so-called “moe sleeves,” so those who do not like to coordinate with such a feminine image may not like it. I think it is possible to wear it with the sleeves folded back.

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2024 Latest Denim Jacket ④AURALEE Denim Jacket

Auralee presents a denim jacket with action pleats around the shoulders and above the hem for a three-dimensional look. The minimalist design with only slash pockets at the waist, eliminating all patch pockets, makes the pleats stand out. The length is short and the silhouette is moderately loose, which makes it a well-balanced denim jacket that fits the current mood.

Editor Izumi
A masculine denim jacket with a coiffed, masculine look may seem a little too high to incorporate into everyday wear, but this denim jacket from Auralee has buttons and pockets designed like a coach jacket, making it easy to match. It is not uncommon for the denim jacket to take over the look of a royal, rugged design, but in the good sense of the word, a jacket like this, which is less assertive, can be worn with a wide range of items.

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2024 Latest Denim Jacket ⑤Carhartt WIP OG Chore Coat

Carhartt’s classic outerwear “Chore Coat” is a classic coverall-type denim jacket. It features a design with a strong work taste typical of Carhartt, and is made of 11.25 oz. denim fabric. The silhouette follows the old-fashioned plump, loose fit, which matches the current style of dressing. The triple stitching for durability and the logo label on the left chest give this jacket the appeal of Carhartt, the royal work brand.

Editor Izumi
Carhartt’s Chore Coat is a masterpiece of men’s outerwear, with more than a certain number of wearers at every Pitti. Just one item can change a coordinate to a work style, so if you like this kind of category, you can’t resist it, can you? The Chore Coat is designed to be loose and voluminous, so if you wear it with slacks, make sure that the pants are not too tight, If you choose to wear slacks, it is recommended to choose a thicker silhouette that is not too thin.

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