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Selected men’s outfits with the booming popularity of “Salomon Sneakers”! What are the key points of dressing?


Selected men's outfits with the booming popularity of "Salomon Sneakers"! What are the key points of dressing?

In this issue, we focus on the trendy “Salomon sneakers,” which combine innovative design and functionality, and introduce styling tips, reference men’s coordinates from overseas, and recommended models!

Salomon sneakers are hot in the sneaker market

SALOMON sneakers have grown as a global outdoor brand by expanding the scope of product development for winter sports and trail running, Its futuristic and stylish designs with a high-tech feel have been gaining popularity. In recent years, the brand has been actively collaborating with leading fashion brands such as Comme des Garcons, Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist, and M.M.6 Maison Margiela. The number of loyal customers is rapidly increasing.

Salomon Codes (1)Pairing sneakers with baggy denim and wide-leg pants to accelerate the current look of men's coordination

Full-length baggy denim and wide-leg pants are the mainstream bottoms for men and women alike. pants. Many highly sensitive fashionistas and influencers, as well as clothing lovers in Japan, are heavy fans of loose and relaxed wide-legs. Even if you cushion the full-length hem to create a silhouette with movement, you can still assert your stylish footwear without compromising its presence. They will make a strong statement with their stylish footwear without compromising their presence.

Salomon Codes Points 2Shift trench coat style to athleisure with relaxed sweatpants and Salomon sneakers

With style mixing becoming the default, sports mixing and athleisure styles Nowadays, the best way to bring a sense of relaxation and gopecore to the men’s trench coat style is to pair it with loose-fitting sweatpants and Salomon sneakers. The coolness and sophistication of the coordinate is ensured by matching the innerwear, bottoms, and shoes, which form the core of the outfit, with blackish colors, and you should be able to conquer the more challenging athleisure trench coat style without difficulty.

Salomon Codes (3)Refresh your look with Salomon white sneakers that look great on the town

Salomon sneakers come in a variety of voluminous forms and are not too high-tech, making them perfect for wearing on the town! They are the right wing of outdoor sneakers. Salomon’s white sneakers, which sublimate the rugged outdoor taste and volume as functional beauty, can be differentiated from the standard white sneakers of sports brands and are also effective in refining men’s coordination.

Take a glance at the international street snapshots wearing Salomon sneakers! Find your ideal men’s coordination!

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To see more men's coordination, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snapshot Page!

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