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Men’s collection of thick-soled sneakers! What is the point of wearing them for adults?


Men's collection of thick-soled sneakers! What is the point of wearing them for adults?

These thick-soled sneakers create a foot impact and height enhancement. They are perfect for balancing full-length wide pants or baggy denim with a cushioned hem, and can upgrade casual styling.

What is the minimum height for thick-soled sneakers?

There is no clear definition of “thick-soled” sneakers, but usually, those with a sole height of 5 cm or more are called thick-soled sneakers. Overseas, this type of thick-soled sneaker is called “chunky sole” or “oversized platform,” and includes the popular “dado” sneaker.

Thick-soled sneakers vary in taste depending on whether they are “performance” or “fashion” sneakers!

Thick-soled sneakers on the market can be broadly divided into two types. There are two main types of thick-soled sneakers on the market: “performance-type thick-soled sneakers” from sports brands that pursue functionality and result in thick soles, and “fashion-type thick-soled sneakers” that approach thick soles with an emphasis on design.

The “performance-type thick-soled sneakers” have sporty designs, so they go well with sports mix outfits and coordinates that incorporate polyester, nylon, and other shiny materials. They are also ideal for everyday use, as they support a comfortable gait.

The ” fashionable thick-soled sneakers “ are models that emphasize good looks, so they can be used to style up casual outfits or to take the lead role in an outfit to give it a new look. The only drawback is that they are heavier than performance-type sneakers, making them more tiring to wear after a long day out and about. Some models are heavy, and some wearers on social networking sites and in reviews say that the soles wear down easily, so you may want to consider using a sole guard or similar.

When adults coordinate thick-soled sneakers, it is a good idea to make them function as an accent while avoiding the appearance of bad eyesight.

If adults want to coordinate thick-soled sneakers with their outfits, it is important to choose ones that don’t have an ostentatious feel and don’t stand out. The height of the sole should be around 5 or 6 cm to maintain a mature look. It is best to avoid items with a sole of 9 cm or more, which can be very assertive and showy, and items full of decorative gimmicks or flashy coloring. Of course, bold oversized or loudly-colored thick-soled sneakers may be a viable option, as long as they can be used as a gimmick for “hazing” or “assortment,” and the form and coloring of the styling are well-balanced. are also a viable option.

Pairing thick-soled sneakers with wide-leg pants boosts the current look!

Pairing thick-soled sneakers with wide-leg pants or baggy denim is the best way to express trendy styling, The combination of thick-soled sneakers and wide pants or baggy denim will boost the current look and complete a coordinated look with outstanding impact.

Dressing Point 2: “Thick-soled sneakers are also great for balancing the coordination.

Thick-soled sneakers are also an effective way to balance the coordinate. Boots are of course a strong choice to balance the silhouette of the upper body, but thick-soled sneakers, which come in a wide variety of designs and color schemes, offer greater styling flexibility and are also effective as a gimmick for “hazing” and “assortment. They are also effective as a gimmick for a “hazing” or “asobi” effect. Moreover, they are not as hard wearing as boots and can be worn with a sporty, lightweight look, making them a good choice for adding a sophisticated atmosphere.

Dressing Point 3: “Differentiate a monotone coordinate that tends to become monotonous with thick-soled sneakers that have a strong presence.

Thick-soled sneakers are also effective in refreshing the impression of a monotone coordinate that tends to become monotonous and differentiating itself with a footwear with a sense of presence. Moreover, the height of the sole can be used to increase the height of the wearer, giving a perfect sense of styling upgrade. In particular, items from fashion brands that lead the trend can be worn with a nice edge to add a touch of individuality.

Take a look at international street snapshots of thick-soled sneakers! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

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