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What’s the key to wearing the hot “adidas Samba” right now? We introduce some examples of men’s coordination from overseas!


What's the key to wearing the hot "adidas Samba" right now? We introduce some examples of men's coordination from overseas!

The adidas “Samba” has become the “it sneaker” of the year since its reemergence among fashionistas and influencers in 2023. In this issue, we focus on the adidas Samba and introduce styling points, reference men’s coordinates from overseas, and recommended items!

adidas' oldest sneaker

Developed in the 1950s as a football shoe for indoor training, the ” Samba ” is Adidas’ oldest known sneaker model. With its classic looks and timeless, sophisticated design, it is now back in the limelight around the world. Features include the iconic Adidas three stripes, T-shaped toe reinforcement, and rubber outsole with sucker-like depressions for improved grip. The shoes were worn by a large number of people at the Pitti and Milano collections, and the number of people wearing them on the streets of Japan has increased dramatically as well. The model name is said to be derived from “samba,” the music of Brazil, the host country of the 1950 World Cup.

The appeal of the adidas 'samba'Versatile and easy to match with any styling

The samba, with its simple, sleek look and timeless, sophisticated design, is a classic shoe that is as popular as Nike’s Air Force 1 and Converse’s Samba is a classic sneaker along with Nike’s Air Force 1 and Converse’s All Star. The great appeal of the Samba is its versatility, as it matches any styling, from dress to casual, and can easily fit in with clean, slim-tapered slacks, as well as full-length wide pants and baggy jeans. The toe design is a German trainer type, so it also goes well with military pants such as cargo pants.

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Create a retro mood on the feet of men's coordination with color models other than the standard colors.

The standard adidas Samba is in monotone colors of black and white, but color models in light blue, yellow and green are also attractive. In addition, the dull beige and orange suede materials also stand out for their retro mood, and are ideal for differentiating them from the standard colors. You can choose black or white for a stable look, or you can choose a color that is different from the standard colors for a more sophisticated look.

Adidas SambaBlend the colors of the white Samba and bottoms to raise the clean look of the coordinate.

By blending the colors of the white Adidas Samba with the iconic three stripes and the bottoms, you can create a clean look for men’s coordination. The white adidas Samba with its iconic three stripes stands out, and blending it with the color of the bottoms will enhance the clean look of the men’s coordinate. Pairing a white Adidas Samba with white pants in cream, ivory, or pale beige will amplify the clean and light look and effortlessly create a clean styling base.

adidas Samba Wearing Points (3)The versatile black model can be worn with full-length wide pants or baggy denim.

Along with the white model, the black model is considered the most versatile of the adidas Samba models. It goes well with slim tapered short-length slacks for beautiful legs, as well as with the full-length wide pants and baggy denim that are the mainstay of highly sensitive fashionistas, and is effective in expressing a trendy look with a good mix of modern and retro sensibilities.

A quick look at international street snaps of Adidas sambas! Find your ideal men’s coordination!

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